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End-of-Life, End-of-Availability and End-of-Support Announcement

Level 6

Symantec Corporation will be discontinuing the availability of Veritas Replication Exec™. Below are the key dates that are of importance to you.

Important Dates

End of Life: As of January 3, 2011, Symantec Corporation will begin to End of Life the product(s)

identified in this notification, including any Maintenance Packs and/or patches for each version, in all released languages.

End of Availability: End of Availability will be January 3, 2011. At this time no additional product licenses will be available for purchase.

Standard Support: Provided the customer maintains a current maintenance contract for the product,

Symantec will provide Standard Support for issues at all severity levels until January 18, 2012.

Partial Support: As of January 18, 2012, Symantec will cease providing any and all levels of support for all versions of VERITAS Replication Execâ„¢. Until such date, Symantec will continue to provide support services to customers for the balance of their Symantec support subscriptions, in accordance with Symantec support policies and end of life policies and processes. Further, customers may continue to purchase renewals for Symantec support subscription, up to the date of End-of-Support Life.

End of Support Life: As of January 18, 2012, Symantec will cease providing any and all levels of Standard Support or Partial Support, for all versions of VERITAS Replication Exec™.


Symantec Product


End of Life
Clock Begins

End of Standard Support and Start of Partial Support

End of Support Life

VERITAS Replication Exec™


January 3, 2011

January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Due to changing market conditions, Symantec has decided to discontinue the VERITAS Replication Exec (VRE) product line. The end of life for the Replication Exec product represents part of Symantec™s evolving strategic direction, which involves placing even greater focus on new and innovative Windows and Linux offerings that help customers solve their failover, data protection, and information lifecycle management problems. VERITAS Replication Exec does not have a direct upgrade path to any other Symantec product.

Special Processes or Additional Information:

This is an actual sunset of this product so replacement products, License Transfers, or crossgrades are not being offered.