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Enterprise Vault Backup Improvement Info Gathering

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Hello Connect Friends!!!


Savings of IT costs brings smiles to management and all the relevant stakeholders, but with savings there seems backpressure to admins of maintaining SLA for backups and if that is breached ... makes them worry and sometimes spoils their weekends too.. Quiet sad thing, but is fact in reality.

EV is one of such candidate, which has given tremendous benefits to organization in form of Storage savings, both on front end (Active) and at back end (backup-passive). Also helped in reducing backup window for application, BUT SPARTAN got trapped in its own STRATEGY ....EV itself  is eating big backup window and is somewhat inline to other giants in your Datacenter.


I strongly feel , time has come veritas product team need to release new wave of features where we see veritas portfolio is integrated within or something OOB

We need new framework or old is gold sort of to get Faster, Reliable, application aware and consistent backup compliant mechanism in place, This we can expect from IM family


Have piled up few questions which would be submitted to Product team as a part of enhancement request. Requesting you all to spare few mins and respond to poll. Also reply to thread with your feedback.


How Large is your EV environment

How long does your EV backups run

is EV becoming culprit for eating up your backup window

Is SAN transport only option for faster backups?

Are collection of CAB files only answer or is workaround for interim?


Fee free to suggest your views....