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Enterprise Vault Search and Date Formats

Employee Accredited Certified

In EV12 now you can set a language to be used by Enterprise Vault Search. Along with the language you can also choose Date and Time format to be displayed in the results and the reading pane. By default EVS makes use of browsers default language, if the default language is not supported by EV\EVS then it falls back to the next supported language in the list. To change the language click on User Preferences available under the User Name drop down menu.


In the User Preferences click on the Regional tab. By default the language will be set as “Same as web browser”, Time will be in 24 hour format and Date will default to Short Date format. An example of current date and time format will be displayed.





At present 17 languages are supported by Enterprise Vault Search. The date (Short & Long) format varies based on the selected language.



For eg: When the language is set as English (United States) the date format is displayed in mm/dd/yy format. 



Date is displayed in dd/mm/yy format when the language is English (United Kingdom)



Along with Language and Date user can also set the time format to be displayed in the search results.




When “Show time in results and reading pane” is selected time is displayed in 12 hour format without AM\PM.  Other 2 options are to display time in 24 hour format or display AM\PM with 12 hour format. For some of the European languages there is no option to display time in 12 hour format hence there is no setting for AM\PM too.