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Excluding a Message Class from Archiving


A colleague in Support had an issue the other day which I assisted with him.  The issue was that he wanted to allow IPM.Note, and similar (eg IPM.Note.SomethingOrOther) to be archived, but he wanted to specifically exclude from archiving IPM.Note.Duff.

This is achievable as follows :

On the properties of the Directory in the Vault Admin console add your additional message class :


(You do not need to restart anything… which is good)

On the Mailbox Archiving Policy, check the Message Classes tab.  It should look like this :


(The fact that the checkbox is not ticked means that the items won’t be archived)

Finally do some testing.

What I did was to send 2 emails, and archive them with the run now option on the archiving task.  They both got archived – that’s my “control”.

Next I sent 2 more emails, and on one of them I changed the message class using Outlook Spy as follows :

Now when I do a run now on the archiving task, they do not both get archived.


It should be noted :

* The message classes aren’t case sensitive.

* The DTRACE of the archiving task is “odd” (at first glance) in this area.  This is because the message classes you’re excluded mean that the messages just don’t show up in the trace.  It would be *great* if it showed them and said they were being excluded because they met an exclusion criteria, but sadly that’s not the situation at the moment.