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Fast, End-to-End Dedupe to Cloud Storage

It’s no secret that we are experiencing a major digital transformation that is driving massive data growth. In fact, IDC states that we will reach 44ZBs of data by the year 2020. This movement is driving the use of online disks and spurring customers to look at a multi-cloud architecture as a viable backup option.

As organizations are looking for more efficient, cost-effective way to use private and public cloud storage as a backup option, there are three key challenges that they are trying to address: faster data recovery, ability to dedupe to the cloud, and backup data in both the public and private cloud to scale without architectural limits.

Veritas just released NetBackup 8.1 for the multi-cloud enterprise which continues to focus on solving data protection challenges. The new release includes the NetBackup CloudCatalyst dedupe feature.cc_diagram.PNG

What is the NetBackup CloudCatalyst?

The NetBackup CloudCatalyst dedupe technology is designed to help customers replicate deduplicated copies of their backup data to the cloud. This includes major public cloud storage providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. In the future, additional providers will be supported.

What customer challenges are addressed by the NetBackup CloudCatalyst solution?         

The NetBackup Cloud Catalyst solution helps customers overcome the challenges of storing copies of their backup data to the cloud while maintaining data optimization. This helps the customer address costs associated with storing large amounts of data in a public cloud repository, and can help increase replication performance.

What are the key use cases for the NetBackup CloudCatalyst?                                                      

A NetBackup CloudCatalyst Media Server receives deduplicated copies of backup data from one or more NetBackup Media Servers and replicates these deduplicated backup copies to a public cloud repository. During the process, data optimization (data deduplication) is maintained.

What deployment options are available for the NetBackup CloudCatalyst?

The NetBackup CloudCatalyst Solution can be deployed in a build-your-own (BYO) Media Server configuration powered by NetBackup 8.1 software, or as a pre-built, all-in-one NetBackup 5240 Appliance configuration.

How does the NetBackup CloudCatalyst solution compare to competitive solutions in the market?

  • The NetBackup CloudCatalyst solution maintains data optimization (data deduplication) while replicating backup data segments to, and from, the selected public cloud storage container.
  • The NetBackup CloudCatalyst solution is designed to work with existing NetBackup Media Servers for optimal compatibility, performance, and data optimization.
  • No additional cloud gateway product is needed


What are the main differentiators of the NetBackup CloudCatalyst solution?

One key differentiator of the NetBackup CloudCatalyst solution is its ability to maintain data optimization (data deduplication) while replicating backup data segments to, and from, the selected public cloud storage container.


What are the key benefits of NetBackup CloudCatalyst dedupe technology?

  • Delivers up to 3x faster end-to-end dedupe performance than alternative solutions
  • Fast, efficient dedupe to cloud storage without data rehydration
  • Reduces costs by eliminating purchase of gateway server and extra storage

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