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Five Critical Decisions for Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

Employee Accredited Certified

How far along are you on your virtualization journey? Most organizations already have more than half of their systems virtualized and are currently virtualizing their most business critical applications.

Now you are facing the challenge of keeping your ever-expanding virtual environment protected while providing the required service level for the business critical physical systems. Managing two separate isolated environments increases complexity and introduces potential for gaps in the data protection strategy if not carefully planned and implemented.

A poorly planned data protection strategy will not only increase risk to the data but will also consume more storage, restrict your recovery options and increase the time spent managing the environment. This is why it is important to understand the options and pitfalls when building a data protection strategy for virtual and mixed environments.

Host-level Integration and Virtual Machine optimized protection are key features for efficient data protection across both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. A truly agile solution should additionally protect the physical systems for complete protection to reduce the risks, process steps, storage consumption, administration time and ultimately the Total Cost of Ownership.

With the help of Mahmoud Magdy (@_busbar) and Thomas Maurer (@ThomasMaurer) we have put together a White Paper on the "Five Critical Decisions on Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery" for best practices in protecting virtual and hybrid environments.

For more information, please download the “Five Critical Decisions for Virtualization” White Paper and join our Google+ Hangout on May 10th or leave a comment to discuss.

Mikko Nykyri