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Free Archive Migration Monitoring

As many of you in the migration community are already aware, we have recently acquired the Timefinity Group and their Intellectual Property.

Timefinity’s daughter company MigrationForensics, which is now a separate entity and independent from the QUADROtech Group, has offered – until the acquisition of their parent company – for many of their customers a very useful migration monitoring and alerting solution, supporting the monitoring of several migration tools from different vendors.

We’re happy to announce that QUADROtech will continue this service for end-customers and partners for free.

We’re currently building a webpage where interested partners and customers can subscribe to the monitoring and download the necessary cloud monitoring agent. Until this is ready, please feel free to send an email to if you want to ensure continuity in the monitoring of your migration.

Besides our ArchiveShuttle Product, TransVault’s Migrator and Sprint, Archive360’s archive2anywhere and Nuix Migrations are currently also supported for monitoring.

In the future, all main QUADROtech products (ArchiveShuttle, PSTFlightdeck and MailboxShuttle), will receive an integrated Monitoring and Alerting Solution based on the Timefinity Monitoring Technology. We will be able to offer a unique solution that is able to monitor not only the migration servers itself, but also the ecosystem related to the migration (e.g. Legacy Archive Servers, SQL Servers, Storage, etc.). Alerts can be configured flexibly and sent via email, Skype/Lync and SMS text message based on several criteria.


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