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Handy NetBackup links

A couple of handy NBU links to bookmark:

NetBackup Product Group End of Support Life matrix:

NetBackup Upgrade Portal:

MASTER Compatibility list:

VERSION Compatibility:

Veritas Download Center :

Late Breaking News Links : 

NetBackup Documentation Landing Page:

NBU 9.0 Documentation:

NBU 8.3 Documentation:

NBU 8.2 Documentation:

NBU 8.1.2 Documentation:

NBU 8.1.1 Documentation:

NBU 8.1 Documentation:

NBU 8.0 Documentation:

NetBackup 52xx Appliance Documentation :

Patch Downloads for NetBackup Appliances:


I will update this blog if and when I find more useful links.

Please share your own handy links!


Here I post info all sort of info that took me long time to obtain, like bugs, bad documented commands or oddities with resolutions and examples.

Basically sharing what I know so other don't have to go through the same process as me.

Entire NetBackup 7.1 Documentation Set in PDF format

(Posted IDEA for Docs to be made available in more e-reader formats ... epub mobi etc)

very helpful links above. thank you guys

Really thank you very much.

Marianne, this is so simple and so great idea to put these links in one place and then the link in your signature. Thank you and respect for that. I've put this post in favorites already.

It's a great idea to share useful information. For myself, it's so easy, but for others, it may be very hard.

thanks again.

Thanks everyone! Glad to know others find it as useful as I do!

Thanks all it is really a good linkssmiley

Liked the link.

Hi.. is nbu 7.5 backup planning and tuning guide available? I've seen the 7.1 is available so far.



Symantec NetBackup™ 7.0 - 7.1 Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide
[Article URL]
I am looking for the Master server hardware performance requirements. e.g. cope for number of Media server built; associates with number clients; number of jobs per session/day; backup data capacity.
I was told that, there is no hard limit on the number of Media / or clients built within a Master.

There is no separate document listed in 7.5 docs. The assumption therefore is that the previous doc would still apply.

This 2-year-old White Paper contains good suggestions for Master server sizing/specs. IMHO it should still be valid: - NetBackup 7.5 installation guide has recommendations on HW for NBU 7.5. This doc is under the common link shared in this article by Marianne.


Thanks the links are very usefull

Very good links. Thanks

Do you know why the links is no longer available?

.... they *all* work.

If you're just getting the Support landing page then just try again - it happens!

Very Usefull Links! Thanks

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Thank you so much Marianne. useful links and database you made available there. Thank you also every one. One questions please, does any one have audio visual stuffs on netbackup DB agents? most especially on MS_SQL and oracle. Also as well as backing up VMWare ESX server.  Thank you.

Awesome Links.....This has help me allot !! Thanks again Marianne yes smiley

Good Links, thank you ...

Hi All,


I am having difficultly in getting Netbackup software for solaris 10 64 bit . Can anyone please share the link from where I can download

1. Netbackup 7.5 client software for solaris 10 64 bit

2. Netbackup client software for solaris 10 64 bit




Great stuff Marianne !!!!!!!!!! awesome site for us , since most of the time we are not allowed to access symantec site from our location ..... we would expect something more on this with new Feature and use of NBU 7.6 and Puredisk

Great Stuff .. really helpful

thanks alot guys

really this is great.

hello guys!


Where can I find the Netbackup AIR documentation for 7.1 appliances?


Thank you!

Hello All,

I am a fresher. I just got a project where I have to work on this Net Backup domain but there is no trainer available. Can you guys help me to start with this thing in a practical manner so that I can learn it faster?


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This is my new goto link

Great Marianne,


Thanks Marianne ...

Very good professional, I recommend




Please provide Veritas Backup interview questions along with answers for 4 years of experience....I need to move on......


Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much for the link.

Very helpful links at one place.

New page for Veritas backup & recovery:

very useful thanks