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Happy World Backup Day!

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The environment we are currently in is very different than anything I’ve seen over the course of my career. The health and well-being of businesses, the customers, partners, employees, and the overall community is the top priority. But, even during these times the customers still have critical information that needs to be backed up.

The World Backup Day comes at a time when data protection is needed more than ever, due to the sudden global shift to work-from-home and greater risk of data loss.

So, whether you are an individual, enterprise, or a SMB it’s imperative for everyone to back up data regularly. And, irrespective of the backup vendor you have, follow three basic guidelines (golden rule of backup) for your backup solution strategy:

  1. Have at least 3 copies of your data
  2. Keep these backups on 2 different types of media
  3. Store 1 backup offsite

In celebration of #WorldBackupDay, be sure to keep these three key considerations in mind when backing up your data. Remember that a reliable backup and DR plan is the key is to ensure not only that all your critical data is protected regularly and frequently and that it is quickly recoverable, between platforms, at whatever level of granularity is required - whatever you need, whenever you need it, with the minimum of fuss.

Don’t forget about security: Backing up your data is one key part of protecting it, but did you know that Ransomware attacks has increased due to COVID-19 and targeting end users with more phishing emails. Remember to invest in a backup solution which is Ransomware Resilient like #BackupExec.

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Why Veritas
Anybody can claim to be an innovator . But very few can rightly claim stewardship of an entire industry. Veritas products like #BackupExec and #NetBackup have shaped the backup industry for decades, adapting to every industry shift and technology trend by delivering breakthrough solutions time after time, year after year, to keep your data safe.

Each one of us at Veritas work really hard to be the best in data protection and make sure you never lose your precious data!

BE Safe and healthy!

~ Varun