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Has your EV Server had it's yearly checkup?
I wanted to take a moment to talk about the importance of a health check for your EV environment.  Having a health check performed by an EV Expert will help you to have confidence that your company's investment is performing optimally.  It will also make sure you environment is tuned and all the best practices in place.  Additionally, you will know the status of your current environment and be able to compare it against the solution design (if you have one) to make sure your projections are where they should be.

Some of the tasks that a health check should include are:
  • Version Checks for software and hardware
  • Storage Configuration
  • Log review
  • Performance review
  • Backup Configuration
  • Known Best Practices implemented
  • Recommendations for remediation or any discovered issues
So if it has been awhile your should contact your Symantec account rep or a quailified partner and get this on the books!
We are actually running some special deals on our health checks for this quarter, so if you are interested in more details please drop me a note via email or pm and we will see what we can do.  Smiley Happy
My email is tony.sterling @