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Have you hugged your VM lately?

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Virtualization- what can I say other than it has “virtually” changed the IT world in which we all work and play?  Why is virtualization so attractive to IT administrators?  In short, the answer is easy- there are many uses and benefits that we gain through virtualization.  For starters, the thought of being able to have a single server’s physical footprint represent many servers on the network has been a boon to administrators looking to consolidate space and reduce operation costs.  Having the ability to quickly stand up a vm copy of a major application or work server for patch testing is a benefit that allows administrators to test during business hours is simply a game changer. 

So, how else can we leverage this exciting technology? about recovery?  What if I said we were talking about both physical and virtual environments?

I often speak with administrators that look for ways to simply protect their virtualized assets for the purpose full recovery in the event of disaster- i.e. their backup solution is only working to back up, but not truly embrace their virtual solution.  What if we began taking the approach of having the backup software actually begin using virtualization as a true extension of the recovery plan?  Can we take virtualization from being a resource that is typically one that is only backed up to a resource that can be leveraged as the platform for recovery for both physical and virtual servers alike?

We at Symantec say YES! ...and Backup Exec 2012 is just the catalyst needed to truly and finally unite vrtual and physical environments.

Sure, the world is going virtual in a strong way but this is not something that is going to happen overnight.  Although many early adopters have moved forward to become near 100% virtualized, most administrators are still governing environments that are heavily comprised of both physical and virtual server assets.  As such, administrators need a solution that is not only purpose-built to work for their entire environment but one that takes advantage of the virtual infrastructure specifically to allow them to further leverage their IT investments. 

Backup Exec 2012 is just the solution to deliver the proverbial goods.  Not only is Backup Exec 2012 offering a fresh and new user experience but also is leveraging companies’ existing virtual infrastructure for items including instant recovery of any physical or virtual server that is protected but also has the ability to leverage the cloud to recover, test or migrate any VMware virtual machine that is in your environment.  And for good measure, imagine that when it is time to migrate that physical server to a new virtual body you simply power on the virtual copy that was created and maintained as part of the standard backup of a physical server with Backup Exec 2012?  Well, its time to stop imagining- the time has come to fully realize and embrace the power and fleibility of your virtual environment- and Backup Exec 2012 is here to help you do just that.

So again I ask....have you hugged your VM lately?  If not you should- it can help you in more ways than you know!


Interested yet?  If so please take a few moments to visit us virtually on the web or in person at Symantec VISION 2012 in May to learn more about how Backup Exec 2012 can help you truly embraced your virtual infrastructure.

In the meantime, check out this short video on leveraging “No Hardware” recovery with Backup Exec 2012:


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Discover the power of your virtual environments with Backup Exec 2012

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