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How NetBackup Appliances Dramatically Improved Data Protection for a County Sheriff’s Office

Data leaks seem to be all over the news these days. The most current headline: “GOP Firm Accidently Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters.” How would you like to be one of the citizens who had your home address, birthdate, phone number and other personal information exposed to millions of people?  I know that I wouldn't like it.

When it comes to protecting data, law enforcement is no different.  For the Sheriff's Office of one Florida's largest counties, data protection is mission-critical.  And there’s so much data to protect.  Especially as this particular sheriff’s office rolled out a new cybercrime unit where on-duty officers wear body cameras that records volumes of data.  Resources were already stretched so thin, and the new unit spun up an additional 72 TBs of data.  Their data usage is expected to at least double in the next year. Imagine protecting this vast amount of data. What if your local law enforcement office could not protect you and your family because they couldn’t control the exponential growth of their data and they did not have the proper security measures in place?  You wouldn’t feel too safe, would you!


So what was their plan to protect the influx of data? Since their tape-based backup system wasn't cutting it, this Sheriff's Office deployed two Veritas NetBackup appliances, as well as NetBackup software for data not yet migrated to the appliances.

At the same time, the use of NetBackup has dramatically increased staff productivity, so backup administrators now have time to provide more strategic value to the organization. Programs such as the new cybercrime unit are now feasible for law enforcement offices because data can be protected.

To learn more about this success story, read the full overview here:




Nice Article.

Can you please outline the benefits of NBU appiance over Hitachi-Protection-Platform.



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Can you tell us the exact version of the products ?



my product version is Symantec system recovery 2013,version

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