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How to Protect Your Azure Stack Hybrid Clouds using Veritas NetBackup and HPE Storage

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Enterprises are under pressure to deliver public cloud-like experiences and services to their internal customers and business groups. There is a huge demand for hybrid cloud environments, as application developers and administrators in an organization look for a seamless cloud-like experience across their on-premises infrastructure and off-premises cloud. Many enterprises are trying to fill this gap and are making the leap tohybrid cloud as they try to balance between their differing needs of infrastructure and business. In addition to this huge change, enterprises also have to deal with other changes that range from cultural resistance to regulatory considerations.
Hybrid cloud transformations require organizations to protect the data on the on-premises Azure Stack cloud. Data is the core asset of all businesses. This data could be lost due to unexpected situations arising from hardware failure, human error, or natural disaster. Also businesses require all important data to be available throughout the day with zero or no downtime. Hence it is necessary for organizations to have a plan inplace to protect data that resides on the on-premises cloud. Veritas NetBacku provides the backup and recovery software, and HPE StoreOnce provides a backup appliance target that delivers fast backups and restores with efficient deduplication and enables copying backup stores to an object storage in the cloud with HPE Cloud Bank Storage. 
Download the reference architecture here to learn how you can protect your Azure Stack hybrid cloud deployments with Veritas and HPE.