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Improved archiving of calendar items that have attachments

Level 3

In this article we have highlighted a fix that was introduced in our recent service packs because we’re sure you’ll find it useful and because you may have missed the significance of this feature when you read the release notes.

Our rule of thumb for service packs is to use them to deliver a rollup of hot fixes and only introduce new functionality in major and minor releases. Doing this helps make service packs more palatable for quick deployment and keeps the development process focused. However, sometimes there will be exceptions to ‘the rule’ and in this case we believe an exception is warranted. Since it can be implemented with a minimum of impact to the EV environment this feature was introduced in the SP’s rather than waiting for the next release.



So what’s the new feature.

Prior to EV 2007 SP1 calendar attachments would simply be stripped if you enabled the “Strip calendar attachments” option in the advanced archiving section of the archiving policy. The shortcut would just list the name of the archived attachment.


Starting with EV 2007 SP1/V7 SP3 if you enable this option the resulting shortcut will contain a link to the archived attachment. As subtle as this may seem this is welcome change as it will allow end users to easily access these archived calendar attachments. A feature such as this may also be a much needed tipping point for Enterprise Vault Architects as it could be just what they needed to allow them to turn on archiving of calendar items since they can now get the space saving benefits while maintaining end user usability expectations. The important point to note here is that the message class of the calendar item is not changed ,the body is not changed or truncated. Only the attachment is stripped and replaced with a universal shortcut to the archived attachment.



So… how to you find out more ?

Read the  “Updates_EN.htm” file for either V7 SP3 or EV2007 SP1. This change in functionality is mentioned in this document under the “Improved archiving of calendar items that have attachments” heading. When a new version of Enterprise Vault is released you will see the “Updates_EN.htm” file in the media kit.

Create a test archiving policy and provisioning group in your environment and have a look at this new feature.



We hope you find this useful but let us know what you think.

The EV Guys