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Information Foundation

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What is Information Foundation?

Some of you will have heard about this from our various events or other marketing efforts, but if you’ve not heard about this before, we felt we should explain why Enterprise Vault and Symantec Mail Security are now within the same product group.

Information Foundation is both a Symantec product strategy and a Symantec product suite; in brief it packages our industry leading products to help customers protect themselves against loss, spam, viruses, and other information risks while providing centralized archiving, audit, and E-Discovery for enterprise information. Symantec released Information Foundation 2007 as product suite, under a single, subscription SKU and price, in January of 2007

As a product strategy, information Foundation is focused on consolidating multiple, stand alone Information Risk Management (IRM) products and technologies into a single, integrated solution. Today, individual Symantec products from the Information Foundation product group are established market leaders. By delivering a single, integrated product solution, Information Foundation expands Symantec’s product knowledge and market leadership, while also expanding Symantec’s ability to meet customer needs for IRM. IRM includes the following elements:

I.              Gateway anti-spam and inbound threat protection,

II.             Data loss prevention for the protection of enterprise information

III.            Archiving and retention of business records and electronic messages

IV.           Electronic discovery and search the audit and recovery of enterprise information

IRM as a market category is attracting a number of small niche players and larger competitors, including Microsoft, Cisco and EMC. Symantec is the only vendor today with existing products that have demonstrated leadership and widespread adoption across the entire IRM spectrum. As we invest additional resources in meeting our customers’ needs and identifying additional product innovations, we believe Symantec has a unique opportunity to be the vendor of choice for IRM. At its highest level, the Information Foundation product strategy is to provide the most comprehensive IRM solution at the lowest overall cost.

For more Information and a data sheet on this subject Click Here

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