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So here we go.  My first post on Symantec Connect.  I haven't decided exactly what I want to write about, but for now I'll just write about daily experiences at work involving NetBackup. 

We installed the 6.0 MP7 S01 hotfix on our only remaining enviornment running NBU 6.0.  The only problem I ran into was that there was a user still logged in to the NBU java console and it was locking a few files on the master server.  These files could not be updated when applying the patch.  Therefore I suggest you completely shutdown netbackup and run a bp.kill_all.  Also make sure that nobody is running the java admin console, because this will continue to spawn bpjava processes.

We're gearing up to start using NetBackup puredisk with netbackup.  Our goal is to do replication with our DR site so we don't have to send tapes anymore.  Also lately I've been trying to work on a problem that I've had with NDMP local backups (Celerra).  For now I've switched to 3-way backups, getting about 30,000 KB/sec -- which is an acceptable speed for me at the present time.

I also want to make a suggestion to anybody who is has or will ever have NBU questions.  More often than not, the answer can be found in the manuals.  There's not very difficult to find, just search the PDFs.  Secondly, Google is your friend.  I'm surprised how many questions are asked only to find the answer on the first or second link in the results that google returns.  The more willing you are to actually research your questions, the better you'll become.  In short, try not to be too lazy and search for the answer before asking.