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Invalid Server When Connecting to an NBU Client

Level 3


After an attempt to resolve a license key issue described in the support reference below, we ran into another problem with connectivity.



  1. TELNET works but PING resolves using DNS not host file
  2. Master Server Unable to connect to NBU Client


  1. Error in C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\bpcd logs (note the wrong server name):


Themaster server in the environment bears two names pdc-symmaster-01 and pdc-symmaster-01-pub. FOr this reason while using the first, it is necessary to upday the client's hosts file with an entry specifying the desired name. In the case of the isue, the desired master server name was not being resolved by the client thus the error above was being returned.



NBU (and any other process on the client) was not able to resolve the master and media server names entered in the hosts file because the hostname was entered before the IP address.