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It never rains in California…

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These last few weeks I had the lyrics of that popular song from Albert Hammond stuck in the back of my mind. And what an appropriate time for such catchy lyrics, as for the last few weeks we certainly had our share of rain.

 “It never rains in California … but when it pours, man it pours“  so when it does, creeks overflow, trees fall, mud slides and traffic comes to a halt.

I was recently stuck in my car, one stormy evening as we were watching water overflow into the highway temporarily creating the illusion of a river flowing right underneath our cars. As we waited to be redirected to the next street exit, it seemed only appropriate for the situation, to stream that song in the car’s stereo to pass time... Fortunately, that night was nothing more than an interesting display of mother nature doing its thing and a well-organized team effort and coordinated response to adapt and prevent things from escalating further.

 With all existing technology, we may not be capable of preventing rain from falling but in this particular instance, we were well informed to deal and respond to the situation. The TV and weather forecast services had been very precise on timing, projected rain fall and flood warning levels in the area. The police, firemen and city services had all the critical data to get things under control as they worked as a team. They were able to do some amazing things in parallel like identifying problem areas, redirecting traffic, clearing streets and debris,… As for my commute, other than running late, the accuracy of forecast and precise response tactics helped turn things around fairly rapidly, avoiding a potential disaster.

 Unlike the scenario we just described, business often don’t have the ability to see, control or effectively manage their corporate data, which can have profound implications. How capable is your business to identify the most relevant data in an unexpected disaster/recovery scenario?

Presenting new ways to make the most use of your data.Presenting new ways to make the most use of your data.

Veritas addresses challenges such as these, by transforming unified data protection into a strategic business asset capable of providing quick visibility of data from a single aggregate point. This approach can facilitate actions regarding the alignment of protection policies, deletion of unwanted data or copies, and the prediction of future needs. This is an example of Veritas’ approach to 360 data management and the potential to solve more complex business problems by leveraging the whole solution portfolio and not simply some of the parts.

The foundation for these product integrations starts with NetBackup Software and all the metadata collected within its catalog. This is just the beginning of a journey where businesses can take full advantage of their backup data and use it to overcome or minimize existing and future challenges in ways that were not possible before. That’s the concept of 360 Data Management and our first step towards Global data visibility.


In the same way that the police, firemen, city services and commuters all aspire to work together more effectively faced with challenges in our daily lives; we can also do so with the data that every business relies on in order to function. Add Netbackup Software and Appliances to Information Map to make sure you only protect what you need to. 360 Data management and cloud capabilities have a great potential to address and solve a broader set of problems. This is one of several examples or integrations we are currently working on. I am so eager and excited to continue on this journey, as it is already showing great potential and incredible benefits. Come visit if you would like to learn more about what we do.