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Keep it simple, with technology

When it comes to technology, I think the same way. Keeping it simple is critical, especially when you have to deploy multiple components to remote locations, and then backup data to a primary data center. Typically, remote offices have very limited floor space, so there is a concern about where you store your technology and the cost to maintain it.  Further, it is difficult to attract and retain onsite technical staff at remote offices. You’ve got plenty to think about! But, what if you could simplify and speed deployment with a single integrated solution to accommodate your remote office needs in 90 seconds?

Good news! You can achieve this simplicity with the Veritas NetBackup Virtual Appliance for remote offices. The solution offers simplified data protection in a small footprint that can be deployed as a Veritas NetBackup master with a dedicated media server and pre-provisioned with 2TB usable storage. 


Literally, 5 simple steps:

1) Select Deploy OVF Wizard

2) Name the VM

3) Select Location

4) Enter Host Information

5) DONE!


Start here and test my “simple” theory: Learn how you can deploy a NetBackup Virtual Appliance in 90 seconds:



Learn what the NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices and other unified data protection solutions can do to transform your organization. Visit Veritas 360 Data Management