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Lower cost and improve operational simplicity with NetBackup 8.2

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Today, IT enterprises are undergoing digital transformation as part of their hybrid cloud strategy. The cost and complexity of managing fragmented point products without adopting a unified data protection strategy can often lead to disaster. And data protection for hybrid cloud environments can pose a variety of challenges ranging from containing total cost of ownership (TCO) to ensuring regulatory compliance. In general, most organizations are wrestling with how to reduce cost and complexity, manage business risks, and prepare for the technologies of the future.

What if you could leverage a comprehensive platform to address these challenges across Availability, Protection, and Insights: welcome to Enterprise Data Services.Animated GIF of EDS Platform.gif Let’s focus on the key area of Protection. With the release of NetBackup version 8.2, you have a software-based, vendor agnostic data protection platform that increases Cloud presence with more functionality, focuses on operational simplicity, expands support for virtualization and modern workloads, and improves compliance and governance.

 Accelerate your adoption of AWS cloud, and new virtualization technologies 

  • Drive down costs with automated DR in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Faster backup to the cloud through NetBackup CloudCatalyst with over 60+ cloud connectors.
  • Archive to AWS Glacier with NetBackup: Long Term Retention with less data and less cost.
  • Seeding to the cloud: initial backup with NetBackup and AWS Snowball.
  • Orchestrate disaster recovery (DR) into AWS. 
  • Expanded support for database, virtualization and cloud workloads including OpenStack, Red Hat virtualization and Microsoft SQL AG.

Reduce management overhead and resources with Operational Simplicity

  • Simplified user experience with automation and integration of NetBackup with third-party applications and platforms including vRealize, storage APIs, ServiceNow and more. 
  • NetBackup CloudCatalyst offers optimized data reduction to reduce cloud storage and network costs
  • Deploy and upgrade faster to realize the benefits of the latest technology.
  • Agentless Everywhere for VMware to support granular file recovery and enables enterprise customers to protect hundreds and thousands of Virtual Machines.
  • Customize protection plans to assets.

Minimize and mitigate risks that stems from disasters, attacks, and operational failures

  • Improve accountability and proactively strengthen security to enable governance and compliance with:
    • role-based access and storage;
    • external certificate authority;
    • a two-factor authentication process, and;
    • smart metering licensing models.

Protect data across hybrid IT environments with confidence

“NetBackup 8.2 is an exciting release! It comes with an array of features aiming to reduce cost and complexity, scale to adopt new virtualization workloads and clouds. Agent-less restores is one of the greatest features in 8.2. In the past, we had to install an agent to be able to restore individual files. Now, in NetBackup 8.2, agentless restore was expanded to any type of supported storage.”  - Virgil Dobos, Virtech AE

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NetBackup 8.2 helps you achieve lower costs and improve operational simplicity. Reduces storage costs by deduplication and compression. Lowers administrative overhead with simplified management tools. Improves operational efficiency with automation.  MaryKayInTouch