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Make AWS work for you with strengthening your data management foundation

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With AWS re:Invent 2018 around the corner, this is your chance to meet Veritas' subject matter experts on everything data management in Amazon Web Services.

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Stop for a moment and think about the first workload you deployed in AWS.

What moves first and what moves later

There are plenty of workloads that are a great way to get your feet wet, to learn how to manage the AWS infrastructure, get to know your way around in the AWS management console, how to get your staff to become more competent and capable with the abilities of the platform. We see customers doing this with moving activities or workloads that they are comfortable with moving to AWS first such as development and testing activities that can benefit from the agile AWS infrastructure. Backup, archiving, and disaster recovery are also great early candidates, and these need to be off-site anyway.

Then, we see customers building new workloads on AWS rather than building them on-premises. Why deploy, for example, a massive analytics cluster in your building when it is readily available to you in AWS?

And, gradually, more advanced, more critical workloads are starting to shift as your teams are now comfortable with managing the platform and acquired the skills needed to operate these mission-critical workloads in AWS confidently.

Deliver the promise of the cloud

Of course, everyone advances the journey to AWS at a different pace. But, with every step, AWS becomes a more integral part of your IT environment. Business-data can move seamlessly from the data center to AWS and vice-versa while new virtual machine instances get deployed with a few clicks. At some point, it is easy to "forget" that business-data and workloads are stored and running outside your data center walls. The experience is seamless until you realize that different teams across your organization are now involved, AWS costs are creeping up, workloads are inadequately (if at all) protected or service levels are being missed. As a consequence, instead of speeding up the organization things could start slowing down and even put the business at risk.

Build the foundation for data management

To make AWS work for you and more importantly, keep your business safe, you must create and strengthen the foundation of your data protection, application resiliency, and storage. Day-to-day data management must include your AWS environments. Not as a siloed activity but as part of the corporate data management strategy. Once you have established a data management foundation that stretches from the data center to AWS and to your other public clouds consistently, then anything and everything is possible. Veritas can help you with building that foundation.

Get your time with an AWS data management expert

With AWS re:Invent 2018 around the corner, this is your chance to meet Veritas' subject matter experts on everything data management in AWS. Veritas will be at booth #1401 with our experts ready to talk to you on how to best:

  • Migrate your business-data and workloads to AWS
  • Protect your business data across your entire environment, whether private, AWS, hybrid or even multi-cloud
  • Use AWS to replace standby infrastructure, and orchestrate disaster recovery on-demand
  • Ensure all your business data across environments is visible – initially for compliance purposes and security, but afterward from a strategic standpoint

Join us at the Veritas booth #1401, or schedule now your time with Veritas.  

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