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Navigating Support 101

Level 3

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We know at times it can be frustrating if you are not sure how to best resolve a support case or what options are available to you as a customer.   Whilst our EV Support team constantly tries its best we know sometimes a case can fall through the cracks.  The object of this post is to help dispel some of the mystery around communicating and interacting with Support and educate you as the customer on what you can do.



Here are some useful links to help you in communicating with Support and resolving your issues. 


Firstly, you can sign up for the support bulletins.  I highly recommend it! 


Symantec's free Technical Support Email Bulletins keep you informed about:

    •    Timely notification of product upgrades
    •    Descriptions of the latest offerings from Technical Support
    •    Updates and downloads for your Symantec product
    •    Product tips and tricks

Subscribing is easy. Depending on your Symantec product, you’ll receive your Bulletin by email monthly or quarterly. We also send out special issues as needed.


Ever wonder what the process is to escalate your case?  See this doc to help you understand your rights as a customer.

              Problem Management and Escalations process -  


Another important link to help you navigate the support realm:

              Symantec Support policies -


It contains a lot of links to documentation that has been made available to help you quickly address questions relating to your terms of service.