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New! Backup Exec Partner Toolkit v1.0


What is the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit?

The Backup Exec Partner Toolkit demonstrates the power of the Backup Exec data protection portfolio by qualifying the hardware configuration of potential backup servers to ensure they will perform to expectations, by calculating front-end capacity amounts to streamline the Backup Exec licensing process, and by demonstrating the storage optimization benefits of Backup Exec’s deduplication technology.


The Backup Exec Partner Toolkit includes three components designed to help partners and end users perform environmental assessments either before or after installing a Backup Exec solution. These are as follows:

  • Performance Analyzer
  • Deduplication Assessment
  • Front-end Capacity Analyzer

The three components listed above represent key opportunities to Symantec partners and end users who utilize Backup Exec data protection and solutions and technology. Partners and end users are now able to perform pre-installation assessments of IT environments to determine the readiness of the environment for Backup Exec and set expectations around performance and deduplication.

Performance Analyzer

The Performance Analyzer will assess the readiness of one or more server systems to act as a Backup Exec server. Each server’s hardware and software configuration is analyzed for performance inhibitors, including any disk and tape backup devices attached to that server.

Deduplication Assessment

Deduplication Assessment will directly demonstrate the value of Backup Exec’s deduplication technology to partners and end users by scanning one or more servers in an environment and offering deduplication ratio and backup storage savings estimates.

Front-end Capacity Analyzer

The Front-end Capacity Analysis will easily and quickly identify the amount of front-end data to protect in an environment and greatly streamlines the process of selling the Backup Exec Capacity Edition, which is licensed against the amount of front-end data in an environment.

How does the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit work?

The Backup Exec Partner Toolkit is a standalone, executable binary that can be run from almost any Windows x86 or x64 system. Microsoft server and desktop operating system platforms are supported.

(Note: Microsoft .NET 4.0 must be installed)

After running the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit binary, the user simply selects the type of assessment to perform, selects the servers that should be scanned, and then starts the assessment process.


The Backup Exec Partner Toolkit is capable of scanning the contents of the local server on which it is being run, as well as the contents of other remote servers available on the network.  This includes scanning multiple remote servers concurrently.

How does the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit display results?

Each component from the toolkit generates a separate report after completing the assessment process. The reports are designed to be user friendly and very easy to read, highlighting key results from the assessment.


A ‘quick view’ of each report is provided as soon as the assessment process completes. The user also has the options to switch to full view mode or to save the file for later reference. Report files are saved in XPS format and can be viewed using the built-in XPS viewer available in most Microsoft platforms.

XPS viewer

An XPS document is any file that is saved to the XML Paper Specification or .XPS file format. Although you can create XPS documents (.XPS files) by using any program that you can print from in Windows, you can view XPS documents only by using the XPS Viewer.

What platforms and applications does the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit support?

The current version of Backup Exec Partner Toolkit supports Windows 2003, Windows 2008, and Windows 2012 (both x86 and x64) platforms, including both physical and virtual systems for Performance Assessment. Front-end capacity analysis is supported for volumes formatted using Windows file system. Deduplication analysis is supported for volumes formatted using Windows file system, Exchange application data, and SQL application data.

How much does the Backup Exec Toolkit cost?

Currently there is no charge for the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit and is available for download on Symantec Connect.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit?

If you have any questions we encourage you reach out to us either through the enhancment request forum, or by contacting the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit team at:

What other materials and resources are available for the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit?

The Backup Exec Partner Toolkit comes with a quick-start guide a built-in help system.


Additional documentation resources can be found using the links below. 

Please note:  You will need to be a member of the PartnerNet Group on Symantec Connect to access and download the Backup Exec Toolkit and documentation.

Solution Brief

Download Link

Partner Usage Guide

Download Link

FAQ Document

Download Link

Prerequisites and Troubleshooting Guide

Download Link

Backup Exec Partner Toolkit (Binary)

Download Link

Who do I contact if I have problem?

Before contacting Symantec about a problem with the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit, refer to the troubleshooting guide listed above. Most common issues can be solved using information and guidance found in the troubleshooting guide.  

If the problem persists after following instructions in the troubleshooting guide, you may post your questions here: Symantec connect forum Link. These forums are continuously monitored by the Backup and Recovery Product Management Teams.

If your problem is not solved through the forum and you are a Symantec Partner with an active Backup Exec entitlement, you may contact the Symantec Partner Support team for technical assistance regarding issues with the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit.


While designed to be highly accurate, the results offered by the Deduplication Assessment Tool within the Backup Exec Partner Toolkit represent estimates of the storage savings that would be gained by using Backup Exec or the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance and deduplication option.


A few question that I have received via email so far are:

Q1: Do I need to have Backup Exec installed to run the toolkit?

A1: No, you can run the tools against any supported Windows system and there are not dependencies on having Backup Exec installed.


Q2:  I have Backup Exec installed and I'm thinking about adding deduplication to help reduce the amount of storage that we are using for our backups.  Can we run the deduplication analyzer against an existing system that is being protected by Backup Exec?

A: Yes, you can run the tool against any supported Windows system and the tool will scan file types, and provide a professional report that will show you deduplication rates and expected savings.

Please keep those questions coming!  You are also welcome to post them here.

Than you,



It seems that all of the links above are broken.  Here is the message I am getting when trying to get any one of those links to open:

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If you have questions about why you can't access this page, please contact us.

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Hello bustamove,

If you are referring to the links to the actual BE Partner Toolkit.  Please note that the toolkit is currently only availabel to members of the PartnerNet Group on Symantec Connect.  As a Symantec Employee, you can be added to the PartnerNet Group just send me a private message with that request.

Thank you,


Hi, the tool looks good, however only can do an assesment while are connected to the network customer.


Actually i need do a deduplication assesment but i can't connect to the customer network, can i obtain a calculator, for netbackup we use a Deduplication Calculator for Netbackup, is possible use this tool for Backup Exec ??


Thanks !