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New SORT Release Available

Level 6

NetBackup Users,

Just wanted to let you know that a new release of SORT is available with new features relating to NetBackup.  For the full blog, including SORT features for Storage Foundation and Availability Solutions, please view:  New SORT Release on Feb 11, 2015

NetBackup Solutions:

  • Supported NetBackup 7.6.1 and NetBackup Appliance 2.6.1 in I&U Checklist ( ) and SORT Data Collectors (
  • Added client support for SUSE 12 x86-64 and z/Architecture in Installation Assessment Checklist  and SORT Data Collectors
  • Enhanced the  Media Server System Requirements section in the HP-UX IA-64 reports to reference the VxFS tuning requirement, vxfs_bc_bufhwm
  • Enhanced the UNIX Data Collector/Custom Report to check for an adequate value for the VxFS buffer cache high water mark, vxfs_bc_bufhwm, for the HP-UX IA-64 platform.
  • Included the NetBackup Software Alerts web link in the LBN Hot Fix and Documentation sections of the I&U Checklist
  • Enhanced the I&U Checklist to gather the Cluster compatibility data from a new section in the SCL. The Cluster CL document will no longer exist.  The data in it has now been added as a new section to the SCL.