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New SORT Release with new features for NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances

On November 4, 2014, Symantec completed another release of SORT.
SORT Landing page at

With this release we added the following features and enhancements:

• Product and Platform Lookup can be accessed directly from the menu under Documentation and is the main entrance for product matrix ( )
• Improved search performance

NetBackup Solutions:
• Enhancements to the NBDB space check to accommodate non-default configurations and all major, minor and release update upgrades of NetBackup
• Addition of NetBackup specific resources to the Product and Platform Lookup results
• Displayed which type of NetBackup host (master, media and/or client) requires the OS patch - Only applicable to 7.6.1 reports.
• Enhance the disk space system requirement for Windows platforms detailing where the space is required for the NetBackup product
• See separate NetBackup SORT news announcement for additional details

For the full list of SORT features and enhancements including Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions and Data Collectors please visit: The New Sort Release Blog.