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New Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 is here!

Symantec™ System Recovery 2013 R2 rapidly restores complete physical and virtual systems in minutes, not hours or days, even to dissimilar hardware, remote locations, or virtual environments. 

Extensive testing was done on this recent release that included 120 + successful Beta deployments globally.  This update includes supportability improvements, bug fixes, new features and new platform support such as:  

  • Windows 2012 R2 Update
  • Windows 8.1 Update1
  • SharePoint 2013 (without GRO)
  • VMWare ESXi 5.5
  • Support for Exchange 2013 (with GRO)

For a complete list of platforms supported, click here.

For more detailed information or to evaluate Symantec™ System Recovery 2013 R2 click on the following links:

Informational Videos:  Click here

To purchase SSR 2013 R2, please click on the links below or contact your Symantec representative:


hi all,

have you made any progress on SSR-MS? does it support to SMP 7.5?


Yes, SMP 7.5 is now supported. See here:


How do i go about obtaining the new release?

Thanks in advance,


Forgot to add that we are currently licensed for SSR 2013.

The following should help:

SSR 2013 R2 requires new license keys. The link Chris referenced has been updated with that information. 

Does Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 support Bitlocker encrypted drives? Can I backup and recover encrypted drives/partitions?

Ho ricevuto il 3-11-2014 la "NOTIFICA UPGRADE DI VERSIONE" per System Recovery 2013 R2. Nella voce "nome prodotto" c'è la nuova chiave di licenza 05-E8........................., ma il Download delSoftware non è attivo, e il N° di Serie M741..............digitato in "Software (FileConnect)" dice che non esiste.Come mai? e dove trovo il nuovo software S.R.2013 R2?  Scusate ma non conosco l'inglese,spero capite quello che ho scritto. Grazie Franco Gasperoni.





As far as I know, nothing has changed in this area. The drive (volume) must be unlocked before backup:

Yes, there is currently a problem with the FileConnect site and it is being worked on as we speak.

For now, please use the trialware links mentioned at the top of this blog as an alternative.

grazie della risposta, ma installando il software di prova 2013 RA, i backup esistenti restano utilizzabili o non servono più?

Existing backups should be usuable, yes. What version were they backed up with?

Con 2013 SP2 (

Yes, that should work fine.

ok grazie, ma quando funzionerà, avvisate voi con email,o dobbiamo controllare noi ogni tanto?

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question ...

Volevo dire, se quando avrete risolto il problema per poter scaricare il Software ..2013 R2 ,usando "Software (fileConnect) avvisate voi con una email oppure no.

I'm am not sure because this is not something that I am dealing with.

I will try and get an update on this......

Maybe someone can explain this to me as I am confused. I just received an email from “upgradecenter” about a Version Upgrade Notification. It says I am entitled to a free upgrade to Symantec™ System Recovery 2013 R2 and it includes the license key for the number of machines I have. I click on the referenced link and it says my browser is out of date and or incompatible with WEB site. I use Explorer 11. It also says if having trouble to read my letter on WEB page. I do that and am able to click on “Get Software”. I do that and get rerouted to a Yahoo site that says URL does not exist but here is a bunch of other stuff to look at.  Before I go down another rabbit hole does anyone know what this is about? Where do I go to download the software?


There are some issues with the link you received, and they should be resolved shortly. Meanwhile, use one of the links above to download the software. Use the license key in the email during the installation. 

Once the issue is resolved, we will reply to this thread with an update. 

So with help from Andy & Chris I am up and running 100%. Thanks. The suggested links worked very well. I am wondering though must I create new emergancy boot disks or are the ones I have from the previous version useable?

Going forward, we would recommend that you create new SRDs using 2013 R2.

Chris, Andy -

Is there a plan to change SSR product architecture so it will be similar to that of Backup Exec? i.e. backup server with agents deployed on protected servers?

The reason I'm asking is because currently if you're using the offsite feature (which I am), the server first "spills" all its data to the primary backup location, then pulls the resulting backup files from that location and copies it to the offsite/secondary location. That causes unnecessary traffic on the protected server. With Backup Exec, the backup server is resposible for creating extra copies, which is favored.

How can I format my hard drive (SSD) using SSR 2013 in WinPE environment?

Not sure I understand this question. Can you please explain in more detail?

Also, it would probably make more sense for you to start a new forum thread here:

Is there a plan to change SSR product architecture so it will be similar to that of Backup Exec? i.e. backup server with agents deployed on protected servers?

I'm not aware of any plans in this area. Sorry..

That's too bad... it could have been the perfect backup software. But it will never be an enterprise solution untill it addopts an enterprise architecture.

Are you using the Management Solution? This may achieve what you are looking for.

See Page 71 of the Admin Guide (

You can assign a computer the task of copying recovery point sets from a recovery point destination to a dedicated Offsite Copy location. Configuring such a task is very efficient and powerful. Unlike specifying an Offsite Copy destination within a backup policy that may go to many computers, you use the system resources of one dedicated computer. That one dedicated computer processes an entire Offsite Copy task.

Hello !

I can't succed in updating my account. I have byed the SSR2013 CD's from Amazon. It is registered in my account as a serial ID M5xxxxxxxxx which does not need any key. It was delivered with a one year maintenance contract. But I was obliged to call Symantec for help and the technician installed the version R2 without giving me any ID serial number. Indeed in my SSR I read a key 03-E306-... which does not appear in my account. Anybody could suggest a means to rectify the problem ? Thanks. MR:-)


(edited: serial # deleted)

The first number (M5xxxx) is used to download the software, which it sounds like you have done. The second key (03-E306...) is to activate the product once installed. Both are tunique, and tied to your name, and will get you access to support. Does that answer your question?

From: unpeujuste

To: Andy H

I wrote: I can succed in updating my account.

You answered:" The first number (M5xxx) is used to download the software ...The second key (03-E306...) is to activate the product ... and will get access to support". Do you mean that when my SSR is activated I have automatically a maintenance agreement and, so, I don't need to renew the maintenance agreement which was attached to my first purchase from Amazon ? As a second surprise, my actual activation key 03-E306 ...don't appear in my "Account". Thank you for your patience. MR:-)

I would recommend registering your purchase at using the data from your purchase. If you nneed help, give customer support a call and they can get your data and give you exact instructions on how to proceed - 800.721.3934. 

Good luck!

I thank you for your advice. I don't know where I have to mark this thread as "Solved" but it is indeed the case.


From: unpeujuste

To: Andy H.

After many attemps I succeed in downloading the update file I want to update my version (I use Windows 8.1 64 bit). After dezipping, the program gives a SSR folder which countains a SSRx64 folder in which I see a Setup launcher Setup.exe (2456 ko). But this file stops working after a while. Why ? If I try to delete previously my 46600 version, Windows don't succed to remove the program. Some comment ? Thanks. MR:-)

Once extracted, launch BROWSER.EXE from within the main folder you extracted. That will launch the installation process. You may need to reboot first to reset SSR after trying those other files. 

From: unpeujuste

To: Andy H.

I am very grateful to you for this advice. MR:-)

i got SSR-MS 2013 R2 installed and licenses added. Now just need to learn more to go from 2011 to 2013 R2...

We do things differently due to our environment and tracking on our machines (FDA Regulated) thus we cannot just use the current plugin install and SSR install. Need to convert to Software Delivery so time to dig into the command lines.

Gotta see what this Telemetry is...

Hello !

Finally I succed installing SSR 2013 R2. SSR is a very intrusive program which deposits traces in various places: c:\program\; c:\users\; c:\program data; c:\windows\system32\. If you attempt tp install (or to update) SSR when subsiste some traces of previous versions, the installer stops without any comment ! Last but not least, if you decide to ask Windows to delete a previous SSR version, it may happen that Windows fails. Then, what to do ? I was obliged to fully restaure Windows in order to obtain my computer free of any spurious SSR traces ! So I insistenly ask for a serious uninstaller in the future SSR versions. MR:-)

Hello !

In some cases SSR may be deactivated. (When you have changed a hardisk out of order). Trying to reinstall SSR, you receive a comment like "Impossible to install two exemplaries .. you must delete previously your present version". But it's not finished: after a while a new window appears with two items: 1-Repair SSR 2-Reinstall SSR. Selecting Repair it may occure that your SSR starts afresh to work. But there is another way to reactivate SSR: with Windows 8.1, In MUI mode type "Services". In the list of the services select (at the bottom) Symantec System Recovery and find, at the upper left corner, a brief explanation and two blue items: Activate, Deactivate. It may happen that choosing Activate is enough to put again SSR in good condition. Good luck. MR:-)

When will support for Windows 10 be available?

Not having support for Windows 10 leaves me more vulnerable should a drive failure occur.   I cannot create a recovery disc until it is a supported OS

Hi Keith,

I had a new problem in restore my backup image used in SSR2013 Desktop. SSR2013 can't find my new HP Z Turbo Drive (PCIe SSD Drive).

Is there any update or patch to make it work?



Yes please, I'm waiting for Windows 10 support as well.


everyone, how do i download Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2,

URL link?

Can I use Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 to do a One Time Backup of my hard drive

to multiple DVDs ?

i need the help, can anyone explain to me the liecense types for symentic system recovery manager server edition?