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New Year’s Resolution #1 – Faster Backups

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How many of you have made a New Year’s resolution? Less mobile time? More travel? More family time? Making New Year's resolutions is a time-honoured tradition and one of the most popular ones I’ve seen, is losing weight and getting in shape. However, losing weight and sticking long term to resolutions is not easy.

But wait – there is good news for IT administrators! If your resolution is to find ways in 2020 to lose weight and get your IT environment in good shape by reducing cost in your backup infrastructure and improving backup and recovery performance, Veritas Backup Exec is here to help you make that positive change, for the long term!

With the latest release of Backup Exec, Veritas can actually help reduce cost and accelerate backups of virtual machines with the NEW Backup Exec Accelerator option. Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 6.54.20 PM.pngWith the Accelerator (also called as Forever Incremental Backup), only changed blocks are backed up each time from the source virtual machine as part of incremental backups. Periodically, as part of a separate consolidation job, all backups until and including the  last full are combined to form separate full backup image for quick recovery. The consolidation job only runs only on the Backup Exec server and does not contact source virtual machine.

A consolidate full backup is equivalent to a full backup from the source virtual machine. It can be used for all types of restores, such as a full Virtual machine restore, GRT restore, application GRT restore, Instant Recovery, and Recovery Ready. With Accelerator, you can meet your organization’s backup SLAs, with the speed of recovering from a full backup.

Backup Exec Accelerator has the following advantages:

  • Frees up the backup window. Backups from source virtual machines are faster as frequent full backups from source virtual machines are avoided. This frees up the backup window.
  • Meets the backup policy requirements and recovery time objectives (RTO) by running weekly consolidated backups without running a full backup from the source virtual machine.
  • Reduces the I/O and CPU, Network overhead on the on virtual machines by avoiding frequent full backups from the source virtual machine. The result is a faster backup.
  • Creates a catalog of a full image that contains all the data that is needed for the restore.

I know, while this may sound like great marketing spin for a new feature, Accelerator is actually the result of massive customer demand and several months of development.  Our customers really are very smart, and vocal, about what they need to better optimize their environments and reduce costs.

If you’ve already invested in our unified data protection, now, it’s time you get the most out of your investment and start nailing your New Year’s resolution of losing weight and getting your backup and recovery in shape. This new Accelerator is available now and requires the most recent (20.6) release of Backup Exec. If you are not an existing Backup Exec customer and want to try the Accelerator before you buy, Backup Exec is available for a free 60-day trial @

For more information on the Accelerator feature, take a look at our Backup Exec Admin Guide, and see how you can streamline your backup and recovery, reduce cost, and save time to focus on losing that weight in 2020!