New features coming in Connect 1.1
It's been a couple of weeks since my last update on Connect. During that time we've been working on several (and by several I mean more than 150) enhancements to Connect that will roll out over the next three to four weeks as part of our 1.1 release. Before I get to a more detailed list, here are the big enhancements coming before the end of April:

Performance. We're making several tweaks to performance - especially when publishing content.

Login State. In addition to allowing you to stay logged in for a week at a time, we are returning you to the page where you clicked the "login" link rather than redirecting you to the home page.

Ideas. If you've ever wanted to share an Idea on a feature for an existing Symantec product or a new product altogether, this is your chance. Submit your idea and vote on other ideas. Top ideas "float" to the top. A new "Ideas" tab will appear on Connect when this feature is finished.

Fluid Design. Several of you wanted the website to expand to fill more of a larger monitor. This will be available shortly.

Forums Enhancements. We are further tweaking the layout of forums to get more information on a page. In addition, we'll be adding features like "previous and next thread" buttons, icons representing private threads and read/unread status and a link to "unread" items in a thread. And finally we'll be supporting a nested, threaded view of forum conversations. We'll give several of you a sneak peek of what these forum changes will look like to make sure they meet your needs before we roll them out.

Profile Overhaul. We are overhauling the profile area to make it easier to see and edit your information including posts you have subscribed to. RSS Enhancements. We are making it easier to see and subscribe to available RSS threads.

Notification Enhancements. Some of you have had problems with the notification feature. These issues will be addressed.

In addition to these big changes there are dozens of other smaller fixes and features getting addressed including:
  • Add spell checker to rich text editor (DONE!)
  • Visual Design Cleanup
  • Topics no longer required for posting content (DONE!)
  • Access to a "revision" tab for editing different versions of your articles (DONE!)
  • Allow group administrators to email group members (DONE!)
  • Improved pagination Link "tagged with" topics to a page that lists all content with that topic.
  • Comments in connect feed link directly to individual comments
  • Add author and date information to Events and Downloads pages
  • Time zone fixes Streamline registration process
  • Add print-friendly option to detail pages
  • Security and maintenance enhancements
  • Search enhancements
  • Group landing page tweaks
  • Community selector less "sensitive"
  • Blog enhancements
  • Voting tweaks
  • Javascript rollover improvements
  • (About 75 additional bug fixes and improvements)

We will be moving these features from our development server to the production server every Friday evening between now and the end of April. In fact, we released a few of them last Friday!

If you have comments about additional features, please PM me with the details and I'll make sure they get added to our list for future releases.
Many thanks for implementing my suggestion about making signatures more obvious. The horizontal rule and smaller text helps a great deal.
VBScab - we don't do a great job of highlighting this, but we do have a "code" feature in the rich text editor.  highlight the text you want to show in a code view, then choose the "format" drop down selector in the rich text editor.  Choose "formattted" and voilla - your text is now codified.  See below for an example.
This is a line of code that does something really amazing and I want to show how it can scroll off a page without introducing a line break so I'm going to keep writing.
 Hi all - if you haven't noticed, a big batch of 1.1 updates went live last night.  If you want the summary of what's new, check out this blog post.
spellchecker is not working for me at this time...
please kindly check..
using IE 7...

Just to add that the Spell checker with the Firefox browser is working well for me .  Not tried yet with IE.

Hi team,

Mine is already working at this time.
I reinstalled it.
no more issues for me.

thanx peter 

Spell checker is really useful for me but its bit slower ...
Hey new Features of Adding edit button near post is available now...So dont keep Adding New POsts
When is the promised feature for logging in going to go live - i.e. when I log in it returns me to the page I was looking at, not the all the way back to the front page? This would save me a LOT of time...
 This feature is completed - it should be working for you.  I'd test it on a few pages and let me know the result since it seems to be working just fine for me. 
Thanks! love to see it's working.
Hi, When I try to filter a search by selecting "Show me" and select e.g. "Article", I still got "All Content" result :-(
Am I alone with this strange?
see also blog in there
Can I suggest you to subscribe this post (& correct my bad english)
[just wait the admin allow my Idea if error access this page, come back later on] ;-)
Sorry, but I can't get it to work.

I'm on the forums and looking at a post I want to reply to. I click the login link at the bottom of this page, login successfully, but then it takes me back to rather than the page I was on.

I've tried it on two machines, both with IE6 installed and get the same result both times.

EDIT - interestingly when I'm logging in, the URL of the page is - so it's not even looking like it trying to send me back to the original page.
Hi Canard, Thanks for helping us work the issues out of this one. We've been focusing on the log in links at the top of the page. I'm wondering if the links at the bottom of the page aren't generating the proper redirect code. Can you send us a screen capture of the log in links you're using so we can know exactly where to focus? Thanks, Kevin
Okay, after experimenting a little bit further, I have found that out of the four types of login link I can find on a page, two of them seem to redirect back to the page correctly after logging on, while two of them send you back to the homepage.

The following screenshot should show which ones at the top of the page work for me:

imagebrowser image

And these are the ones at the bottom of the page / underneath each post:

imagebrowser image

Hope this helps narrow it down.
Canard, we really appreciate users/testers like you. Feedback like this really helps us buff the rough edges off Connect. I'll hand this off to the developers and get them working on a solution. Thanks for taking the time to do the research you've done. Kevin