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New features coming in Connect 1.1
It's been a couple of weeks since my last update on Connect. During that time we've been working on several (and by several I mean more than 150) enhancements to Connect that will roll out over the next three to four weeks as part of our 1.1 release. Before I get to a more detailed list, here are the big enhancements coming before the end of April:

Performance. We're making several tweaks to performance - especially when publishing content.

Login State. In addition to allowing you to stay logged in for a week at a time, we are returning you to the page where you clicked the "login" link rather than redirecting you to the home page.

Ideas. If you've ever wanted to share an Idea on a feature for an existing Symantec product or a new product altogether, this is your chance. Submit your idea and vote on other ideas. Top ideas "float" to the top. A new "Ideas" tab will appear on Connect when this feature is finished.

Fluid Design. Several of you wanted the website to expand to fill more of a larger monitor. This will be available shortly.

Forums Enhancements. We are further tweaking the layout of forums to get more information on a page. In addition, we'll be adding features like "previous and next thread" buttons, icons representing private threads and read/unread status and a link to "unread" items in a thread. And finally we'll be supporting a nested, threaded view of forum conversations. We'll give several of you a sneak peek of what these forum changes will look like to make sure they meet your needs before we roll them out.

Profile Overhaul. We are overhauling the profile area to make it easier to see and edit your information including posts you have subscribed to. RSS Enhancements. We are making it easier to see and subscribe to available RSS threads.

Notification Enhancements. Some of you have had problems with the notification feature. These issues will be addressed.

In addition to these big changes there are dozens of other smaller fixes and features getting addressed including:
  • Add spell checker to rich text editor (DONE!)
  • Visual Design Cleanup
  • Topics no longer required for posting content (DONE!)
  • Access to a "revision" tab for editing different versions of your articles (DONE!)
  • Allow group administrators to email group members (DONE!)
  • Improved pagination Link "tagged with" topics to a page that lists all content with that topic.
  • Comments in connect feed link directly to individual comments
  • Add author and date information to Events and Downloads pages
  • Time zone fixes Streamline registration process
  • Add print-friendly option to detail pages
  • Security and maintenance enhancements
  • Search enhancements
  • Group landing page tweaks
  • Community selector less "sensitive"
  • Blog enhancements
  • Voting tweaks
  • Javascript rollover improvements
  • (About 75 additional bug fixes and improvements)

We will be moving these features from our development server to the production server every Friday evening between now and the end of April. In fact, we released a few of them last Friday!

If you have comments about additional features, please PM me with the details and I'll make sure they get added to our list for future releases.
Many of you may have noticed that several features have gone live this week:

1) Fluid design.  The page now expands to fill larger browser windows
2) Visual tweaks.  We adjusted the text size and color in several places to fit more information on a page as requested.
3) Comments in the connect feed and other places now link directly to the comment rather than just the post.
4) Print-friendly view of pages
5) Additional bug fixes

Up next, forum tweaks.  Stay tuned! 
 Its good Peter ! Expecting more !
 Hey What happen to Mail Alerts, Now a days am not receiving any mail alerts for my subscriptions
@Karthikeyan, we're looking into the notifications issue. Not sure why the emails stopped going out but we've had several reports that they have.
Improvement request:

When I search forums I'm presented with a search results list. If I drill down to a particular result I have no way to get back to my search results...I have to enter the query all over again...really annoying!!!

Hate the 'Paste as Plain Text' pop-up, chaps...I hit 'Paste' to paste in my text and I get the pop-up which asks me to, er, hit 'Paste'.

I'm trying very hard to think of a more utterly pointless interface feature.
Hi VBScab, can you tell us a little more about what you're doing? (So we can better understand how you work and how to tune the system to better work with you.) Are you composing your comments in a word processor and then pasting them here? Is there an advantage to working that way? Answers to these questions would help us understand how to help you. Thank you, Kevin
I think the problem could be in case you have to copy something like extracts from other sources, links or similar.

I see a new window every time I need to use the copy and paste. The fastest way is enable directly the content , but this is only an idea.
Thanks riva11. It looks like it pops up when you try to paste rich text (with embedded formatting codes) into the rich text editor. I'm not seeing it when I use the plain text editor. We've assumed that the rich text editor be turned on by default. Was that the right decision? (I guess, of course, a more scientific study should be done before changing any default, but hey, I'm just trying to get a pulse of what users in general like/want.) Thanks for taking the time to comment, Kevin
I always switch to the plaintext editor. Would be nice if the default could be adjusted on a per-profile basis. Cheers
Correct Kevin, it is exactly what I had. It would be nice if it possible to customize on the user profile the text editor. Regards
 Do you feel that the pages load a bit too slowly. I have faced this experience issue at all times since I have joined Symantec connect

You have been advertising the comming of version 1.1 for some time now but still no date has been set for the beta even though some were invited to review before the page goes live. Also no expected release date has been announced

Can you provide some insight as to when the beta will be made available and the expected release of 1.1 fo the rest of the world
Connect 1.1 is rolling out in phases.  Every weekend we push code from our development server to our production server.  Up until this point, the changes have been mostly bug fixes with a few minor enhancements.  The big work on the profile area, Ideas and the forums is still to come.   We should have some of those enhancements running on our development server within the next two weeks to test.  The release date is entirely dependent on how well the tests go.
some of the selected clients have not yet connected to the cannot do this action on those clients until they have connected to the server

give me solution

where is printer-friendly option? is it working for you ? Smiley Surprised
I thought this reply at the end of each message will actually spawn a new sub thread on that particular post (comment). I was wrong. It actually posted my reply at the bottom only.
We should be allowed to selct what our default/welcome screen looks like. We generally log in, in anticipation of getting the answers to the questions raised in various forums.

Think blank entry was make by mistake.

Infact, 1.1 should remov esuch entries by default.
Pravs - Regarding the print icon, it's at the bottom of the original forum post, article or blog (right before the comments start).  See this screenshot:

imagebrowser image
In addition, we haven't turned on your comments right now appear at the bottom, but in the next few weeks we'll thread (and nest) the comments so you can insert and indent a comment in the middle of the comment stream.
Thanks Peter. Make sense!
It seems since the introduction of the points per post there are now several useless comments in many of the posts. I thought this was a board to try to solve problems, not win gear. What is the purpose of the forum? How many points do I get for this Smiley Happy

[quote] GOUD

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 11.0.4

some of the selected clients have not yet connected to the cannot do this action on those clients until they have connected to the server

give me solution [end quote]

Goud, thank you for posting your question.  I would suggest looking in the Endpoint Protection area found here:

This particular post may help solve your problem:

Let us know!


I asked this question some time back regarding the Pritable version of the articles.
Thank you for the quick print option, it really saves a lot of time and effort.

Thank you Peter.

Hi Team,

It is a great project to look out for soon.
By the way, hope you'll also have a way for us to track our inquiries efficiently.
This way we could check for all our querries and see who gave the best solution.

Change is always good.
thanks for the updates.

Nel Ramos
Etelecare Global Solutions

 Nel - not sure if this is what you are after, but if you mouse over the "me" menu in the upper right corner then click on "my activity" you'll see all the forum posts you've contributed to - and which have new comments since your last visit.

You are defintely right. I found it yesterday.
Just getting used to the browser...
Just barely a week old on these site.

I am very hopefull about the site and the coming new upgrades.

Cheers All !!!

Main Subscriptions pane is screwed up and the optons are overlapping. I can't recognize which is waht.

I'm using IE7. 

imagebrowser image

I have unfortunately not seen any performance improvements in the last month. The forum still runs as if over a slow dial up connection, and I have to wait more than 30 seconds on some occasions for the page to load. Since we have a high speed connections into the internet ( well over 20 Mbits per second), it certainly isn't a bottleneck at this end...
Thanks Peter , Spell Checker is working well without any problem. 


I really like the option "Printer Friendly Version". But the preview contains only the main post not the comments. It would be great if we can have the comments along with the main posts like the old juice style.

If somebody is posting a question and i would like to take a print out of it,  the printer friendly version will have only the question but not the comments/answers. Whats the use then?

maybe some more redundancy for high traffic times?

Keep up the good work
I agree with eshwar. There is no use of the "Printer-friendly version" if it doesnt cover the entire page.

If worked upon, It is a very useful feature but that's what you mean by "Add print-friendly option to detail pages ." Right?
Making the change to have comments included in the print view is a a simple configuration option. However, we had some community members request that comments be excluded - particularly for articles and blogs where they didn't want all the extra information. It might be something we need to put to a community vote.

Even the comments has some vital information [additional information/correction] pertaining to the articles. I don't think so we need to ignore this from the printer friendly version. I would prefer to keep extra information rather than ignoring it. 



imagebrowser image


imagebrowser image

I'm trying to upload an execal sheet [Office 2007 - extension XLSX] and i'm getting a message that i can upload only XLS documents [Office 2003 file format].

Now i've to open Excel 2007 document and convert it to Excel 2003 format so that i can upload it

Any particular reasons behind this?

Note: If you are worried about people who doesn't have Office 2007, probably compatibitlity pack will dio the trick.

Peter Why don't you let it be a config option on a per-print base, where you can select "include comments in print" or something like this. Best of both worlds... Smiley Wink
eshwar -  I've added xlsx (and dotx and pptx) as accepted file types.
You da Man!

Thank you for fixing this. I appreciate it.


It's high time you should launch 1.1

When this changes are coming,Thanks.


Why the copy / past functions keeps on asking "Allow Access / Don't Allow" choices.

Little annoying.

I see all recent post using the "My Unread" - "Recent posts across whole site" , but it's hard to looking for something related a specific area/product. I think could be very helpful an option with a filter for product. Regards Paolo
To  make this usable you need a good search engine with methods of refining searching and  sort the results.

A good search engine is a core requirement of a knowledge base.

This not good for productivity.

The only reason I can see for its current state is to push users to buying Symantec support.  After they given up in frustration and wasted so much time.

you hav to restart ur firefox in order to get ur firefox updated k?
e.g. Full page display, smaller (more "professional") font, the new comment notification "dot" (altho' I had just gotten used to the bold format!) etc etc

With regards to the latter, now that the bold for new posts/comments has been replaced with the dot for new comments are you intending to implement something similar for new posts? They do seem to blend in with all the other posts now that have had their comments read ....

Also, I agree with Jim-m - I do hope you are intending to improve the search engine.
>Are you composing your comments in a word processor and then pasting them here
No. Pasting text from another post is the only way to quote text from that post, something which most other fora provide "out of the box" with a 'Quote' button/link.

More tags, please. For example:

- [code] Used to enclose lengthy text (like script code, say) which would cause the forum text window to become a scrollable text area, instead of a H UG E long normal text box.
- [quote] Used to quote text from a previous post
No, that's not the case. This text came from Notepad and I got the pop-up when pasting it in.