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New forum functionality released

Level 5
 Several of you probably already noticed the new features we launched this week in Connect.  If you didn't, check below for a quick recap of some of the highlights:

Read and Unread threads in the forum view.  If you've viewed a thread, then come back later and somebody else has added a comment since your last visit we've added a nifty blue dot telling you to take a look at the new content.  As an added bonus, if you click on the blue dot rather than the thread title you'll not only open the thread, but you will jump to the first unread post in the thread.  Very cool.  Similarly, the "solved" icon links to the solution in the thread.

imagebrowser image

Threaded & nested forums.  You can now reply directly to a comment and have your reply "inserted" into the middle of the discussion in a threaded fashion.  Your comment will then be "nested" under the one you are replying to, like this:

imagebrowser image

Since we know that threading isn't for everyone, we will be adding the ability to turn off threading shortly.

New view of tags.  If you click on a tag, you now get a better view of the entire list of items with that tag.  So if you want to see all content related to BackupExec or any content tagged with "Beta" just click the tag title.  You can also RSS any of these tags - just go to the RSS link at the bottom of the tag page.

Private discussions.  Those of you that participate in private discussions on our public boards can now see which discussions are private.  Like this:

imagebrowser image

Up next, a total overhaul of the profiles area and "Ideas"  More info on those later!