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Outlook and Enterprise Vault .. Love it or hate it?

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Exchange mailbox archiving is the bread and butter of the Enterprise Vault world, and with that goes the experience of seeing Enterprise inside of Microsoft Outlook. I know some customers try to hide that they have rolled out Enterprise Vault by hiding the toolbar buttons, effectively making it so that the end user can only retrieve archived mails. Most customers though dig into the rich experience which can be had.

But is it all good?

Here are three things that I think about when I use Outlook and Enterprise Vault:

Frustrating search

Maybe it is just me, and my ingrained usage of Outlook over the last 20 years, but I yearn for a fully integrated search. To be able to search Outlook content and archived content even if it isn't on my local machine is my utopia ... Especially if I can scope via date range, folder tree and so on.  Not that I want things to turn out like searching in say Google, where you get 120,000,000 hits!


Outlook 2010 introduced what I would call proper conversations, and a proper way of viewing and experiencing them. To that archived items and shortcuts also show up in that list, and if you have virtual vault, the items there do too. It is a really good experience.

Virtual Vault

For many Symantec customers Virtual Vault is the destroyer of PST files. End users can have a single PST-style interface into their archived data, occupying just one node in Outlook. It is great. I wonder if it will ever be integrated into the Outlook Web Access side of Enterprise Vault?  Or let you see other archived content that you have permissions to?

I am sure everyone has a top three things that they think about when they "see"Enterprise Vault, the ones above are just my starter topics!

What things do you think about?

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