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Resilient business services with AWS and Veritas Resiliency Platform

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Cloud is part of your data protection strategy and you want to embrace it, but you are finding the journey to be difficult.  Managing, protecting and optimizing workloads across on premise and cloud environments is complex.  Visibility across your estate is, well cloudy.    

If your resiliency strategy includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), take heart.  Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) is now in the AWS Marketplace.  The easy to install Amazon Machine Image (AMI) enables you to securely embrace the cloud, migrate workloads into AWS and, if needed, migrate back on premise.   

Is it complicated?  Watch this video to see how you can be up and running in 5 minutes.


With VRP, your business can experience resiliency across physical and virtual environments. Maintain your investment in storage arrays, hypervisors and data movers.  Automate manual processes and tasks that reduces the business impact of people and processes.   

Drive top line revenue with granular visibility that uncovers complexity.  Complexity that slows down your business. A single view across your entire estate, specific applications and down to individual virtual machines.  Once discovered, eliminate it to increase business efficiency.    

VRP’s automation allows non-disruptive rehearsals of resiliency processes without impacting production.  Rehearse small segments or your entire run book.  Rehearse the effect new technology has on your business before it goes into production.  Increase confidence in your resiliency strategy knowing that a single-click is all that is needed to execute during planned or unplanned events.   

Veritas believes resiliency is an investment in your business – not a cost of doing business.  VRP helps you drive top line value by identifying and removing risk.  Before it impacts your business.  Supports real-time decision making. You get to enjoy weekends again.

Learn more about Veritas Resiliency Manager or contact us to go deeper.