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Dear NetBackup Users,


I came across an awesome story about how one company used NetBackup AIR to save them in a disaster recovery scenario.  I was pretty impressed with how they used the technology, and more so by how much it saved them in a real DR situation.  Here's the super consolidated and simplified version (or watch the VIDEO):

Super Cool Industries (real names have been changed) had recently upgraded their backup solution to NetBackup 7.5, which features a slick replication technology called AIR (Auto Image Replication).  They immediately began using AIR to replicate backup images from one of their plants to another.  One day, a crazy ice storm knocked the power out at the first plant, which left both it, and another plant that relied on one of its servers, stranded.

Now, previous to this upgrade, their old way of doing DR was to load up the backup tapes in a truck and send them over to a DR location.  If they had to employ this method to get their server back up and running again - in the middle of an ice storm and while roads were frozen over and closed, they literally could've been stranded for weeks, if not longer.  However, because they were "AIR -ing" their backup images to the second plant, they simply stood up a virtual machine there, recovered all their data to it, and were back in business the very next morning.

When I heard about the story, I thought to myself, there must be a ton of other folks out there with similar experiences!  Right? 

And why not have a little fun to tease the best stories out?

So here's what I'm asking:

  • Share your story in the comments section of this blog down below (2 paragraphs max please)
  • We also encourage you to share your story on our Facebook page (not required to win, but encouraged)
  • We'll have our internal teams look through the stories below and judge them based on: 1) creativity, 2) WOW factor, 3) relative impact on the buisness' up time and 4) the number of 'thumbs up' on the comment you leave (this would indicate that others dig your story too!).  See official contest rules here.
  • On July 1st we'll announce the winner (via direct message on connect and social media channels), who'll take home a brand new Symantec-branded ZBOARD electric skateboard!
  • If your stories really stand out, we may ask for your permission to create a short animated video (without any identifiable information) out of your story to share with the world (see Super Cool Industries VIDEO example below)
  • Sound good? 

And BTW, the ZBOARD we're giving away is the Pro Model that goes up to 17 mph and can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge (ZBOARDSHOP.COM)!  Check it out:

Symantec Branded ZBOARD



VIDEO: NetBackup AIR Saves the Day for Super Cool Industries (Click the image below)

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.01.47 AM.png


Here are some quick questions that can help frame your comment below (focused on AIR, but feel free to share any DR experience), and remember, brevity is your friend.

  • What was the OLD way of doing things before NetBackup or before NetBackup AIR?
  • What were some of the benefits you saw once NetBackup AIR or other NetBackup DR-focused technology was implemented?
  • What kind of disaster put the solution to the test (this could be man-made or natural)?
  • What was the WOW factor (if any) from seeing NetBackup at work in a real DR situation?
  • Any technical details you'd like to share?


Thanks and I hope you enjoy this fun little contest!

All the best,


Alex Sakaguchi, Product Marketing Manager, NetBackup

@ASakaguchi | +Alex Sakaguchi | +NetBackup | Symantec Connect

Read the official rules of the contest here