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Service Pack Schedule Update

Level 3

We thought it was about time to give you an update on  our Service Pack release schedule for this year to help you plan your upgrades and maintenance work. This just helps avoid situations where you install what you think is the latest service pack, only to find out that a new one has been released. As you can see we expect to release EV2007 SP3 next week and then almost one SP per month for the other versions.

Watch out on this Blog for more info about SP3 next Friday.

May 2008 - Due end of next week

EV2007 SP3
CA2007 SP3
DA2007 SP3


June 2008
V6    SP6
CA6  SP4
CA6  SP3

July 2008
V7   SP5

Sept 2008
EV2007 SP4
CA2007 SP4
DA2007 SP4


NB: We will generally release the SPs shown above on the last Friday of the month .