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Share Content and Score Points – Triple Points

The Partner Group on Symantec Connect is your one place to share news and information, to ask and answer questions, and to deliver or download content in a public or private business-to-business forum. We want to extend a special rewards offering to encourage your activity in this community.

Earn triple rewards* until March 31, 2010 on all new posts tagged to be part of the Partner Group on Symantec Connect. This is Symantec's exclusive online group for members of the Symantec Partner Program, and it's open to all PartnerNet users globally.

Members can choose to associate their own new Partner Group content with any Symantec Connect community, enabling group members to view content publicly or restrict it to private viewing by other Partner Group members only. This provides an excellent opportunity to get answers fast by collaborating and sharing business or technical information and ideas with other Symantec Partners.

The Partner Group is available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

* Rewards points can be redeemed for online gift certificates. View the standard points table and then see the rewards

What is the Symantec Partner Program? I am a member of Symantec Connect. I typically post on Backup Exec products. Does this make me elgible for the triple points?

Sheena K.
So we just post something and tag it with Partner Group? But how do we join Partner Group?
Symantec Channel Partners are resellers of software and/or hardware. And the Symantec Partner Program provides qualified business organizations with the expertise to sell, manage, integrate, plan, and implement Symantec solutions for customers worldwide. Symantec currently provides opportunities for partnership within the Channel, Technology, Distributor and Global Strategic & Alliance Partner Programs. If you are a Symantec Partner, you have access to the Partner Group by logging in with your PartnerNet account info.

The Partner Community on Connect is new, and the site is becoming an excellent networking space for business-to-business information sharing, news and collaboration. We look forward to working with all Partners to deliver the content that will help our businesses grow together.
Hello Frank019

If you are a Symantec authorized Partner, you can login to Group activity with your PartnerNet account info. If you are not yet a Symantec Partner, you can find information about our Partner Programs at We look forward to your contributions to the Partner Group.

I work for a company that resells Symantec do I link my current Connect forum account to the Partner account, or do I need a separate account for this?

If you are a Symantec Partner, you should be able to simply log in using your Partner Net account info and your profile on Connect should recognize that. You should not need a separate account. Please let me know how this goes, and we'll work with you if there are issues.

Sent my company's details through to someone who'd requested them...will see how it all pans out now!

Dear GRH

I always login with my partnernet account, so do i have to make any  other changes.

Mmm...well, got an email stating I am now a member of the group. Posted a triple points.
How does it get worked out?

A site administrator will triple your points shortly. It's done manually for this promotion. Thanks for posting the discussion - we strive to build this into a valuable conversation community.
If you have always logged in with your partnernet account, then you are good, no other changes necessary.
Cool GRH, thanks. That's great.
Will post some feedback again when I have it!
Or how can I confirm that I'm logging in with my partnernet account.  I have always logged onto the forums using the account name of my partnernet account which is my e-mail address. 

I made some entries yesterday and do not see triple points.  Is there anyway to confirm that the account I'm using is tied to my partnernet account?

Er, I am logging in with the email address of a client we look after. Should I change that to my company's corporate email address? Then just log onto the forum site with that.
Changed my login to my company's corporate email address, so will see if the points are tripled, and when they will be.
I feel sorry for the person doing it manually =P

Android: Read GRH's response to my query along the same's done manually, so it might take a couple of days, and I assume it's also dependant on whether or not the topic has been tagged with the Partner Group or not.
do i only have to post in the partner section then?
Hi jjesse

You can post content anywhere in the Connect communities, of course. But to score the Triple Points bonus, your post needs to be made in the Partner Group on the Connect Community. We want to make sure this bonus is given to Symantec Partners for their participation in Group discussions.

My company is on the website as being a Platinum Partner, yet when I try sign into the Partner website, it tells me they're not registered...does this mean I now have to register them?
No x3 points yet, so I guess that's why...?
Please let me know how I can go about this....

is the partner group private?  that is if i post in the partner group for the triple points do people not in the partner group see the information?  so then i would have to be a member of that group to get that information?

if so it seems silly to be rewarding triple the partner only information instead of rewarding information posted for customers to see/read.  seems like we are fracturing the community into "partners" and non-partners for information
We are not trying to fracture the community, but simply to encourage private partner-only business-to-business communication. The other product communities can certainly beb used by consumers and partners to share all sorts of info and ask a variety of questions. We created this Partner Community so that partners can collaborate in spaces where only other business partners can go. Also, within this community, you can find even smaller more niche private business spaces. The goal is to give partners secure environments to communicate and interact with other business partners when information sharing might be sensitive or classified.

Lots of consumer-oriented community out there; we are enhancing community by giving business partners a place to talk shop in private if and when they want to do so.

Any news on the above...?
Craig, Where did you post your discussion for Partners? I want to make sure I recognize it for the right points value.
I opened up a query for the NetBackup Forum and the Backup Exec Forums and tagged the queries too...
They are:

Another thing...the posts that show up on the groups section...have all of those been "enabled" for the Partners group?
I have also been active on a number of other posts since I was allowed access to the group, but that's a long list, and I have no idea which ones are allowed for the 3 points etc.

Thanks for the help!
Yes, you are certainly active, and that's what we are trying to encourage for Partners on Connect. I am working on tallying and awarding your points this week, so hang on a bit more and you'll get a nice Christmas present! And I would enjoy speaking with you off-line about Partner conversations in this community, if you ever want to do that, send me a message.

Great, I certainly will do that!

But my points never triples

Ajitjha, I noticed a few comments you made in discussion forums in December, and I triple those points a few weeks ago. I am monitoring this daily, logging activity, and awarding triple points as necessary once per week. 
Hi All,

Do we need to make known when we have posted in the Partner Group? Haven't seen any additional points come through, except for the 1 batch I got. Was just wondering if it is automated or not?

Hello CraigV and others.

I am the "Automator" of the Triple Rewards points. I am updating these weekly - at least - and continually searching the Partner Group for posts that can earn triple rewards. I will be updating again later this week. And I have begun using the "Description" as "Triple Rewards" in case you are wondering where any additional points came from.

CraigV, sorry if I may have missed a post or two of yours. I will search again.


Really no problems at all...was a simple query. Not too bothered either way.
Good thing for you we haven't been all that active yet...  Smiley Wink Just wait till this takes off and you get to "Automate" your thousands of partners' point totals...  I'd start asking for a raise Smiley Wink

Hi there,

Is this promotion over now I take it? Can someone check and see if the points are all allocated now?
Has been really good =P

Thanks for your follow up.  I'll check on your point status and provide awards accordingly.  Just getting up to speed on the Partner Community so stay tuned.

Online Community Manager

Thanks Eileen,

I am not sure, whether points are tripling or not/