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Summary: Meeting June 20th - Utrecht

Dear all

See below a summary of the UG meeting last week in Utrecht. It was a good interactive meeting.
We have received an update on the NBU 7.6 Product Roadmap update, got a glimpse at the new version of NBU 7.6 via Live Demo, an update on Appliances and integration with products such as Storage Foundation. Attached a summary of questions asked during the meeting, perhaps helpful for the broader community.

We will be meeting in October/November timeframe. Once a date has been confirmed you will be automatically notified via connect.
If you have any questions, comments feel free to contact us!


Kind regards,
Symantec User Group Team


Summary of feedback forms:

(*) Format: content ok: information provided
- Content/Presentations : Beamer too low. Presentation by phone was hard to follow. Larger screen!

 (*) Topics  (sorted by priority )Smiley Very Happyisaster Recovery   (11), Virtualisation Management (11) , Data Archiving ( 11) Data Protection (3), Discovery Retention (5),  Appliances  (8), Data Protection (3),

(*) For next meeting:

- Hyper-V backup win 2012
- FSA backup indexing
- Tricks and Ticks in NBU or Appliances
- More on Appliances and dedupe
- VMWAre backjup and database (Oracle)- Integration - Air, Accelerator, Recovery, Restore
- Integration of EV with NBU
- Integrating advanced opotions like 3 par storage

READING Material:
Worldwide Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Market Experiences Robust Growth in First Quarter of 2013, According to IDC


Connect Points: (prize draw of feedbackforms) – points can be redeemed via Amazon etc.

200 points:   Jan Trommel, Micha Rijsbergen, Ton Strikkers