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Symantec Connect 1.0 and beyond

 After a year of planning and development we've finally launched Connect 1.0.  We not only built a new community site but migrated content and users from Symantec Technology Network, Juice and the Altiris Technical Support Forums.  While it would be impossible to list all the features in the site, here are a few we think you'll really like:

  1. All content can be tagged with more than one product and topic.
  2. Forum discussions can be marked as "solved"
  3. Images can easily be uploaded into any content type
  4. Community members can create any content type
  5. Community members earn points for participating on the site, which can be translated into rewards


More importantly, we are committed to continuing development on Connect.  We've already started development on Connect 1.1 and planning for Connect 2.0.  Here's some things that will be coming in the near future:

  1. Ideas - we want to know what features you want to see in future Symantec products.  Submit ideas, let other users vote and comment on them.  The top ideas will bubble to the top.
  2. Integration with support knowledge base.
  3. Social networking - link to your friends on connect and follow what they are doing.


What features would you like to see in upcoming releases?  Leave a comment below and let us know.  If you'd like to let us know what you think of the current release, click here.


I really like the idea of Ideas (pun intended =p). I'll recommend looking at UserVoice, a web 2.0 feedback service used by some web application development companies/groups. Users get to vote and comment on ideas, and management have the control of marking ideas as implemented, in the works or for consideration, which directly reflects the company's interest in improving based on it's customer's feedback, which is gr8 =D

The power of community feedback cannot be undermined. 

Altiris partners are already using a tool permitting to create a "feature request", that is web published on the KB, and users can subscribe to help Altiris DEV team (I think) to manage priority... Bug report are also on this KB, just renamed "Feature request" from Altiris before, after we report it to "MySupport"... So Altiris dev team can choose which bugs to clean in priority ;-)

So I believe for sure it is a good idea for doing "idea areas", if used from Dev team... Just wonder if it is just another category of the same thing: Article/Forums/Blogs/GroupDiscuss/...

Except video & download & event, all others "categories" seems the same basic "article" flat date/time ordered discuss interface :-(

Here we would like to build a strongest & mutual benefits platform, with following of our feature or bug request, will be? will not? Thank you & sorry my bad english feel free to contact me.

Hi Peter. I am back regarding the "idea AREA". It could be a very good idea to propose where we can discuss, submit & comment, current feature request. Currently: Feature request are just dropped to Altiris: without any following, feedbacks. After getting the Feature Request a KB publication: we can subscribe, but not more talk/discuss about. And more over: the feature request never integrate thanks to the inventor, so no emulation & promotion, not a lot of request I guess. Probably an AREA will be positive for Symantec product Manager & architect visionnary, and also should include some rewards the authors of the suggest...

My best.

In User Profile - Locale Setting, INDIA is not available as a Time Zone Selection. Please include that in order to get correct timings on my Symantec Connect.



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