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Symantec Desktop Laptop Option 7.6 is now available!

I am really excited to announce that Symantec Desktop Laptop Option (DLO) 7.6 is generally available!


What’s New in DLO 7.6?

This release is based on the theme Proliferation, Stability and Supportability.



  1. Mac Agent: DLO now supports backups on Mac desktops and laptops. Mac OS X support is provided for 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 OS releases.
  2. Platforms: DLO now supports Windows 2012 R2 for server installation.
  3. Mail Client Support: DLO extends its support to IBM Lotus Notes ® 9.X release.



  1. Automatic Integrity Checker (AIC): Validates the reliability and integrity of data. AIC runs in the background and does not affect the system performance.
  2. Bandwidth and CPU throttling: Ability to configure the maximum amount of bandwidth and CPU cycles the Desktop and Laptop Option can use.
  3. Backup Interruption tolerance:  Resumption of backup jobs from the point of breakage, when network connection is restored.
  4. Open file backup:  Files gets backed up in the open state after file save operation.



In this release we provided bunch of utilities and tools to help the administrator perform various operations:

For e.g. Remote log gather from endpoint, SQL installation and configuration utility and Enhance version of Garbage Collection (GC) tool.


Not just this, there are some features which we have seen customers loved it during the Beta program like:


  1. VIP profiles: Profiles for VIP users to get exclusive restore rights on their data.
  2. Multi-Level Administrators’ role: Administrator role with restricted admin privileges for tasks delegation and management.
  3. IBM Lotus Notes ® mail files (NSF) protection: Protects NSF files at the message level with deduplication support.
  4. Reports:  Comprehensive reports on successful backup time, Storage Statistics, Garbage Collection history.
  5. User notification and alerts for their computers: Users along with administrators can now receive alert notifications that provide information about backup and restore operations.


Shall I upgrade to 7.6?

Absolutely!! You can upgrade to DLO 7.6 from your existing DLO version. Direct upgrade is fully supported for following versions of DLO.


  • DLO 7.5 SP1
  • DLO 7.5
  • DLO 7.0
  • BE-DLO 2010 R3
  • NetBackup DLO 6.1 MP7


What’s next?

We are listening!

DLO is evolving with every release.

We would love to hear from you on what you would like to see in the product.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening around DLO. Thank you for yours continued support for Symantec DLO.


To access a 60-day trial of Symantec DLO 7.6, go to:


Are there any plans for any or partial integration with netbackup (or backup exec for that matter) components?

I know that DLO is a split off product from BE/NBU but we're responsible for protecting ALL company data, wherever it resides. But when you have a rather large netbackup setup, protecting data on servers already, it might make sense to somehow share the infrastructure of practically the same data. It seems somewhat redundant to setup yet another dedplicated storage server.

Something wrong with above URL. 

Try this:

*** EDIT ***

The Datasheet at above location is still for version 7.5! surprise

Hello Marianne


Attaching Datasheet 7.6 for your referance.

DLO 7.6 is now an independent product for managing endpoints. It is evolving as an endpoint centric backup and recovery management solution. While partial integration option is something good to explore, at the same time  there are DLO customers who used  NBU/BE and prefer to keep both separate as a part of de-risking and deployment strategy.


I have some questions about DLO requirements for multi-site organization...
Can I contact you privately?

Sure Marianne reach out to me on my e-mail id.



I'm interested in additional information regarding  the AIC and CPU priority throttling.  I haven't been able to find much via the blog and boards.  Can you provide detailed information for both?

Hi Vince


I have attached admin guilde and data sheet for your referance. Please revert if you have any more questions.




Hi Shashank

Thanks for providing the documentation.  On reviewing the documents again, I did find answers to some of my questions.  Of course, I do have a few more.  Following are several specific questions regarding the two features:

Automatic Integrity Checker (AIC)

The description of the Automatic Integrity Checker (AIC) on page 18 of the Admin Guide (what’s new in DLO section) states, "The Automatic Integrity Checker (AIC) runs continuously to maintain data integrity, and takes corrective action eventually when inconsistencies are found."

  1. Can you provide clarity to eventually?
  2. How will the administrator be notified of the inconsistencies
  3. What methods can the administrator use to resolve the inconsistencies?
  4. Can the client resolve the inconsistencies?

CPU Priority

Reading the admin guide and the fact sheet raised questions regarding the CPU Priority (What’s New in DLO pg. 17 of the Admin Guide) Vs Desktop Agent CPU Priority (pg. 39 of Admin Guide) Vs Bandwidth and CPU throttling (pg. 3 of the Data Sheet).


  1. Are these terms actually covering the same feature (other than bandwidth throttling)?
  2. Can we set the % CPU use similar to how the “Backup Throttling” option allows the admin to set the % of bandwidth use in version 7.0? (Please review the Backup Throttling Option screen and the options for Low Bandeidth Settings, Medium Bandwidth Settings and high Bandwidth settings)

Thank you for your assistance,



Symantec DLO 7.6 has a self-healing system that automatically verifies the integrity of the deduped data and takes corrective action. Administrator need not have to take any action. This is how AIC works:

•Each endpoint agent ( desktop or laptop) will verify the integrity of its own data.
•Endpoints will perform this operation when backup or restore operation is not in progress.
•If any endpoint is down for a considerable time, Dedupe Server will verify on behalf of the endpoint.
•Endpoints will perform only quick chunk verification*.
•Server will perform full chunk verification* once a file reaches its maximum capacity (2 GB) or if it is not verified for a long time.
•When AIC detects any missing hash/corrupt chunk file/missing chunk file, it invalidates the hashes in the Dedupe database and all the files pointing to the invalid data will be quarantined.
•These invalidated hashes are moved to invalid hash key table for tracking and fresh backups will be taken if the quarantined files are still in the backup location for the particular endpoints
"Quick chunk verification": Verifying that the files are present in the Dedupe Storage Location.
"Full chunk verification": Verifying the integrity of the chunk data wherein every byte is validated
CPU priority or CPU throttling reference is offering the same feature. CPU priority can be set by Administrator globally or by user for their endpoints. Priority can be set as High, Low or Medium according to requirement. The default CPU priority is set as 'Medium'.

Hi Shashank:

I am currently running 7.0 and have installed 7.6 on a new system to test it and then convert existing installation.

I am trying to use the new functionality 'User notification and alerts for their computers' but unable to get it to work.

I opened a case with your people (number 07239624) eight days ago but after many days and hours on the phone + webex the solution does not appear. Can you help the help desk?

Thanks very much


Hi! I have a very simple, but relevant for me question regarding pending maintenance contract of Symantec Backup Exec Desktop & Laptop Option: In which version fill it finally correctly work the way as it used to in versions 12.5 and 2010 in respect to the incremental Outlook PST backups? By incremental I understand backing up individual messages, not whole PST files backup. And yes, I read the manual! None of the options - VSS, incremental, delta transfer ietc in different combinations work the way it should and as it did in 12.5 and 2010.

Thank you for your information!   

DLO has two options to backup PST.


1. "Enable a message level incremental backup of outlook PST" which documents sometimes referred as MAPI backup.

2.  Enable VSS backup of Outlook PST which is introduced in later version DLO 7.0.

Former method (MAPI)  is legacy feature came from backup exec 12.5 or 2010 still exists as an option in profile configuration.

Hello All, I would like to upgrade DLO 7.0 to 7.6. I will do this in stages since we have 4 MGMT or Admin Servers. I will start with the one on my LAN first. At the moment, my main goal is to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.6. Basically migrate the basic user profiles and related settings. We do not have anything fancy such as throttling except the connection policies when the agent is not on the native LAN to limit network bandwidth, which does not work properly at the moment (I do not mean to sound negative Smiley Wink. Any suggestions how I can improve the connection policies? On the other hand, should I consider throttling and does it work good in 7.6? I am trying to limit bandwidth or maybe not even allow network backups over WAN and only let the agent perform local backups (We have maybe 40% end user traveling between the offices). Any suggestions? Are there any suggestions and/or documents/links how to do it. Do I need to backup and specific directories where the settings reside such as SQL Server's DLO instance or else? This is my first post here and I hope I did not spammed this thread. I appreciate your input.


we have the Backup Exec DLO running in two server and have no  problem with the consoles. We recently bought a new console for another server and the version running is the 7.6 wich only allows Domain admins users to run the necessary services for the DLO. 

Due our security policies we can not use a domain admin to run this services, is there any special permission you can suggest for us to assing to the user running ther services?


What is the best strategy to deploy agent update ?

According to doc, it must be done manually, is there a better (at least more after year 2000) way to do it ?

I've tried the push agent wizard, it is not able to auto import current connected agents.

Last but not least, why Symantec is not providing xml files for auto provisionning their product in Altiris ?

It would reward (a little bit) Symantec customers that are buying different Symantec products ?!




I want to upgrade DLO 7.5 to 7.6, so please kindly provide steps & pre- requisites ( If any ) for the same. 

Hello Umesh

Attached Admin guide. Please refer upgrade procedure on page 45.

Hi Julio


DLO 7.6 can run without Domain administrator permissions as well. User running the service with local administrator permissions is sufficient.

Hi Team,


Can we set the % CPU use similar to how the “Backup Throttling” option allows the admin to set the % of bandwidth use in version 7.6 SP1? (Please review the Backup Throttling Option screen and the options for Low Bandwidth Settings, Medium Bandwidth Settings and high Bandwidth settings).


How much CPU will use in CPU Throttling ?


High ? =

Normal ? =

Low ? =


How much Network will use in nerwork Throttling ? 


High Bandwidth ? =

Medium Bandwidth ? =

Low Bandwidth ? =



Kitmeer Ahmad

Hi Team

 I am using DLO 8.0 and I want to take full backup of any desktop/laptop with OS and drivers, if I face any system crashed, I will recover my desktop same as previous. What is steps to create full Backup.

Hi Team,


What is the licence support time?

The 8.x version is running, but we have 7.6.