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The Veritas Barometer Indicates Hybrid Clouds Ahead

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Cloud, cloud and more cloud. The IT world is adopting new infrastructure and service delivery models that cut costs and deployment times while increasing service reliability. But this latest in disruptive technologies is creating a real headache for data protection architects and their administration teams. 

This direction is so entrenched that Veritas, (the independent information management company that will emerge from the separation from Symantec) has established a "Hybrid is the Model" motto across all of our product development plans. But how are we reducing the pain created by managing information across these new mixed platforms? Let's take a look at the latest Backup and Recovery improvements springing from our hybrid commitment.


  1. NetBackup is the first - and only - enterprise information management software supported at the launch of Google's nearline storage platform. Simon Jelley goes into more detail here and Rasheed gives his own take on the significance of this development in general over on LinkedIn.
  2. NetBackup 7.7 (in beta now) includes a greatly improved Amazon connector (as well as the Google support mentioned above). Release plans tentatively also include connectors for Verizon, Hitachi Data Systems and Cloudian.
  3. NetBackup already supports the NetApp SteelStore gateway appliance as an NFS or CIFS mount.
  4. NetBackup's MSDP deduplication technology running in the Amazon cloud, and Auto Image Replication to a media server in the cloud are on deck to deliver dedupe to cloud and tapeless disaster recovery. 
  5. NetBackup is vSphere 6 Ready on the day of release. Ana Pinczuk's blog gives more information.
  6. A brand new self-service version of NetBackup is coming out in April, ideal for service providers of any kind. We hinted at that upcoming release here.


  1. Midmarket customers can use Backup Exec 2014 (and the upcoming Backup Exec 15) with Amazon via the AWS Storage Gateway. vExpert Mikko Nykyri explains more here, and watch for expanded use cases in Backup Exec 15 both on-prem and in the Amazon cloud. 
  2. Backup Exec supports both AWS and Azure via the NetApp SteelStore gateway. Nifty infographic here.
  3. Backup Exec supports the Quantum DXi deduplication appliances as gateways to the Quantum Q cloud.
  4. Backup Exec 15 is vSphere 6 Ready on the day of release. Ana Pinczuk's blog gives more information.


Curious about our reasoning behind hybrid cloud? Here's some background on that commitment.

Forrester reports that the 2020 cloud markets are sized as follows: Private $16B, Hybrid $66B and Public $159B. But the growth rates are what really intrigue us, because that is where our customers are investing their dollars and where our channel partners can find opportunity to assist. In fact, Gartner reports that nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid clouds by the end of 2017 and IDC is even more bullish.

Enterprise customers tell us that a wholesale rip-and-replace is completely unrealistic, but a partial and controlled migration of appropriate applications and services is happening now. In other words, nobody wants their crown jewels with a 3rd party.

Efficiency and deployment speed are major benefits to cloud adoption. But fragmented platforms is an unfortunate outcome that wreaks havoc on information management architectures. Veritas is building solutions that help the world's largest organizations manage through these challenges with grace and power.

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