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The best way to migrate EV to a new environment

Do you worry about how to get all your email data migrated to a new environment? Often times companies don't always keep up to date with Enterprise Vault service packs and an environment may lag behind.  First one version behind, then a second, then maybe even a third.  It's a vicious cycle and in the end when it's down by a couple of version it becomes quite a scarey and/or difficult proposition to upgrade it.

So what do you do?

Move Arhive sometimes get a bad press, but, it's certainly possible to use it to migrate to a whole new environment.  Exporting to PST and importing from PST throughout the day and night for weeks isn't very appealing.  Both are possibilities if you've got the money and the time to setup a whole new environment.

But is that really it?

A better way does exist, and it'll make your migration a breeze.

There are several third party tools which exist which can be used to perform a migration to a new environment. I'm most familiar with Archive Shuttle, and if you need to skip many versions of EV, and want to go to a whole new, pristine environment, you should go for something like Archive Shuttle.  Of course you'll need to take into all your wants and needs during the migration, but the product is mature, and rich with features. It's also robust at what it migrates and pretty darn fast too.

So if you can't keep Enterprise Vault up to date, and you have to migrate to a new environment, what would you do?


Yes, in this case, I'll have to do the following:

  1. Export the archived data into each individual PST over the weekends and then write off to tape.
  2. Set the data expiry to purge the unused data in the old EV
  3. Make sure that the drive letters for Index partitions and Open VaultStore is the same in both old and new EV server.
  4. Run the EV migration Utility on the old EV server
  5. Once the EV migration tool completed successfully, manually copy the Index and Open VaultStore partition content from old server to new server.


that's all that I can think off, it is very time consuming especially in steps #1 and #2 which took about two weeks each for my case.

What's the purpose of doing 1 & 2 ?

The purpose is to reduce the closed vaultstore archive size and to allow the restore in case user ask for the old item to be restored.