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Top Reasons to Upgrade to NetBackup 7.6

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Top Reasons to Upgrade to NetBackup 7.6

NetBackup 7.6 has been one of the most anticipated releases to date.  Looking at some of the data from our first availability program, a top reason customers were so interested in upgrading is the new virtualization capabilities. 

Virtual environments are growing fast, data is growing faster, and new demands are being placed on IT to deliver better.  Enterprises need to be able to grow, transform, and modernize their data center to support these trends, but they need to do it in a SCALBLE way that’s not going to put them at risk.  That’s where NetBackup comes in – the backup product that 80 of the top Global Fortune 100 companies choose to protect their data.

Below are some of the top reasons you shouldn’t delay upgrading from a previous version of NetBackup.  Click here to get the Top Reasons To Upgrade To NetBackup 7.6 Data Sheet.

What’s new in NetBackup 7.6

Why this matters to you

NetBackup Accelerator for VMware for 35x faster backup

Accelerator is a feature that will allow you to eliminate full backups of your virtual environment!  With accelerated backups we’re only backing up changed data, but then giving you a full backup recovery point using optimized synthetics.  If a “traditional” backup approach is doing a full backup on the weekend and incrementals during the week, consider this a move towards “modern”.  In reality, this is like doing a full everyday (or more for better RPOs), but it never taking longer than an incremental.

NetBackup Instant Recovery for VMware for 400x faster recovery

Instant Recovery allows you to power on the virtual machine while it’s still in NetBackup storage.  What this means is that you no longer have to wait for a lengthy restore to complete before you can restore access to the VM.  Once the VM is on, access is restored.  Then you can use Storage vMotion to move it out of NetBackup storage into the production environment.

VMware vCenter Integration for

Simplified Management

Not only is NetBackup 7.6 delivering faster backup and recovery for virtualized environments, but it’s also allowing VM admins to manage VM backups directly from the vCenter console.  This enables the VM admin to see advanced reporting, check status, and conduct restores – and all without involving the backup admin or a storage expert.

NetBackup 7.6: Faster backup, faster recovery, and simplified management – from the product that more Global Fortune 100 companies choose to protect their data.  Upgrade now to take advantage of these and other great capabilities to further your data center modernization without worrying about whether you’re protected.