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Unable to decommission 5220 Appliance Medias server using nbdecommission command

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Problem Description:

Unable to decommission 5220 Appliance Medias server using nbdecommission command.

Nbdecommission tool indicates that this server is part for some media sharing group, and nbdecommission completes with error “unable to delete host xyz_abc”.

nbdecommission -oldserver xyz_abc

Server xyz_abc is a member of the following media sharing groups:


netbackup emm database error 196

Unable to delete host xyz_abc



# nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename xyz_abc -machinetype media          

NBEMMCMD, Version:
The function returned the following failure status:
generic EMM SQL error (193)
Command did not complete successfully.



From Netbackup console:

  • Removed xyz_abc  based Storage unit from Storage Unit Group
  • Removed Storage Unit related to xyz_abc.
  • Modified SLP, go to all SLP and remove any backup Or duplicate task listed for media server which required to be decommissioned.
  •  Remove 5220 dedupe & advance disk from Disk Pool
  • Remove 5220 media server name from Storage Server list
  • Check if you see any media ownership with decommissioned media server name:


Even after above cleanup activity, we still see the same error. Using “NBSU” and “nbdb –unload”, it was identified that one storage unit has options selected to use only listed media server, howeverno media server from the list is selected. So such undefined entry will hold all configured media server and will not allow you to decommission any media server from the environment.

I selected a specific media server for this storage unit and then ran “nbdecommission –oldserver xyz_abc”, it completed successfully.