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Unified Data Protection that Accelerates Patient Care

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Modell 1890, the first Swiss Soldier KnifeModell 1890, the first Swiss Soldier KnifeIn 1891 Karl Elsener supplied the “Soldier’s Knife” to the Swiss Army for the first time. In 1897 he developed the “Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife” known now as the iconic Swiss Army knife. The goal of this knife obviously is to provide the soldier a tool that served multiple purposes, was compact, & reliable. This awesome piece of engineering has become a metaphor for usefulness and adaptability. What a concept! Whether you’re serving your country in an unpredictable environment or performing your duties as a systems administrator in a data center, useful and adaptable tools are preferred. 

Back when I was a sys admin I was given the awesome privilege to palmpilot-professional-cradle.jpgmanage backup and recovery (BnR) at the company I worked for. I say awesome because it was that willingness to take on such a responsibility that opened the doors for me to be where I am today. After about a two-week crash course from one of my co-workers on the data protection systems, yes systems… I was on my way. We had multiple systems in place because a full consolidation to one enterprise data protection system hadn’t been completed yet. Now, this was before smartphones and small phones for that matter…LOL:grinning_face:. It was however in the beginning of the Palm Pilot craze. Now, this is where it gets frustrating and kind of funny. Someone at the higher levels of management decided to buy one and sync his work email to it. Well, it synced all right but…you guessed it the wrong way. All contents of the production mailbox gone! So, who do you think was tasked to recover the mailbox…yep, this guy! 

Remember how I mentioned useful and adaptable tools are preferred, well this is why we were working on consolidating to one enterprise data protection system, NetBackup. Of course, the last of the servers to be converted to NetBackup was the Exchange servers. We were using a tool to protect Exchange that wasn’t as useful and adaptable as we needed. Specifically, no ability to perform individual mailbox BnR aka Brick Level backups. In order for me to recover the mailbox, I had to build a separate Exchange server, restore the information store from backup, & copy the recovered mailbox contents to the original mailbox. This took about two days. The good thing is my manager cleared my plate and allowed me to focus only on this. The bad thing is, it took two days and I had an executive continuously asking is it done yet?

I learned a lot from this experience such as having a unified data protection solution provides usefulness and adaptability. It’s like the Swiss Army knife! Is having multiple BnR systems the right strategy if you could have one solution that could meet the need? NetBackup has been the leading data protection solution in terms of market share for more than a decade. I think part of the reason for this is Veritas has always taken the stand of supporting the most heterogeneous environments possible. Do you need to protect physical and/or virtual servers? How about protecting major databases and applications? Is faster backup and restore essential to meeting your service level agreements, recovery time objectives, & recovery point objectives? If you’re like any of my current Healthcare customers the ability to lessen the dependence on tape and shift to disk and cloud is a must. What is also essential to them is the confidence that if they’re affected by ransomware their production systems can be recovered and the backup environment itself is secure. NetBackup unified data protection is the solution that can fulfill these needs.

NetBackup, Unified Data ProtectionNetBackup, Unified Data Protection
Not too long after Palm Pilot vs. the Exchange mailbox experience we did get everything consolidated to NetBackup. Also, not too long after the consolidation, another mailbox fell prey to a pesky Palm Pilot but this time I used the NetBackup for Exchange agent to recover the affected mailbox within minutes. If I had a happy dance, I would have done it. If I knew how to backflip, I would have done two but a "Woo Hoo!" with an it’s good sign did the trick!Its Good.jpg

For more information go to . If you’re a Healthcare organization Veritas Technologies, LLC. will be at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando, FL. Feb. 19 – 23, 2017 so please stop by our booth. There will also be more Blogs covering subjects such as Veritas Information Governance, Information Protection, and Information Availability.