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Veritas AutoSupport Service Bulletin - URL / Infrastructure changes are coming!

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Jeg håber alle er opmærksom på følgende ændringer backend infrastrukturen af vores Appliance AutoSupport?


Jeg regner med at det for det fleste være en helt transparent ændring men der er nogle som måtte have firewalls og/eller routere som på den ene eller anden måde måtte være bundet til den gamle infrastruktur og derfor kan få behov for at lave ændringer.


Lad mig endelig høre hvis der er nogle spørgsmål.



Venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Finn Henningsen


Symantec Corporation


Mobile: +45 3094 3387








Affected Models:

NetBackup Appliances (All platforms, all versions)

PureDisk Deduplication Appliances (All platforms, all versions)

Backup Exec Appliances (All platforms, all versions)


CallHome, registration, and telemetry transmissions may fail to function during and/or after key operational transition dates related to the Symantec & Veritas separation.



Due to the Symantec/Veritas separation, we are transitioning the AutoSupport & CallHome monitoring infrastructure to a new IaaS-based cloud platform that will offer better resiliency, scalability, and future benefits to serve our global Appliance customer base. As part of this transition, the endpoints in which the appliances transmit data to are also changing, with new URL’s being created within the Veritas domain.


Many customers with appliances utilize proxy servers and/or have firewall rules to allow data transmission from their appliances back to Veritas that may need to be updated to support the new URL’s for future versions.


The table below describes the URL’s, both old and new and their functions:





Effective transition date

Receives AutoSupport data

·         NetBackup Appliances running 2.6.x and below

·         PureDisk Appliances - all versions

·         Backup Exec Appliances - all versions

·         Heartbeat data

September 15th, 2015

Appliance Registration & Activation data

September 15th, 2015

Diagnostics packages (DataCollect) & NetBackup Telemetry (SORT)

August 25th, 2015


Symantec and Veritas have an agreement in place to ensure the existing (“old”) URL’s will remain in effect and operational for a period of 3 years, however as of the dates indicated in the table, they will point to Veritas managed infrastructure.



It is advised to add the new endpoint URL’s to outbound proxy and/or firewall rules (if applicable) to ensure continuity of AutoSupport, CallHome, and NetBackup Telemetry functionality for future releases. The old URL’s should also remain in your configuration to ensure current connectivity until new patches become available.


Note: In some cases, customers may have created rules based on Symantec’s IP address schemas that point to the original URL’s. These IP addresses will no longer serve appliance related communications functions as of the effective dates noted in the above table, and customers must migrate to the DNS-based URL’s to ensure connectivity to Veritas infrastructure.


There is no action to take at this time on existing versions and platforms of all Veritas (and previously Symantec-branded) appliances, as we will be producing hotfixes for the most popular/relevant versions of each appliance platform over the course of the next year that will update the configurations to point to the new URL’s. This bulletin is primarily intended to notify about proxy and/or firewall updates needed in conjunction with appliances.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Where can I find more information about AutoSupport?

A: Check out the AutoSupport Reference Guide for in-depth detail on architecture, how it works, what we use it for, and more.


Q: AutoSupport is moving to an IaaS based solution; why?

A: As part of a Veritas corporate-wide initiative, we are moving our AutoSupport infrastructure to an IaaS solution to provide better resiliency, security, scalability, as well as enable future opportunities for servicing customers with geographical data boundaries. With this move, we benefit from a multitude of new security capabilities and industry leading certifications, including ISO27001. In addition to the inherited abilities we gain, we are also implementing additional layers of industry leading encryption protocols – both in-flight, as well as at rest on top to ensure data remains secure within Veritas.


Q: What data does AutoSupport collect? Is any of it sensitive?

A: The majority of data collected for AutoSupport is machine metadata specific to the operational state and health of the appliance itself. While some configuration information such as IP addresses and hostnames may be collected, no customer business data is mined, captured, or transmitted. The data we collect is used to enhance the support experience by providing our Technical Support Engineers the right information to diagnose and solve problems faster than traditional support models.


For more information on the specific data we collect, please refer to the AutoSupport Reference Guide.