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Veritas Webcast Event featuring Manuel Martull and Tim Burlowski

Level 5

Our lives continue to become more and more digitally driven and this phenomenon is causing the need and demand for new operating models for IT.

Billions of devices and sensors are collecting and exchanging data at any given time or location. The use, access and coordination of information may turn into one of the most critical priorities to run and operate a business. A business may thrive or crash depending on how effectively, or not, information gets managed. To put it more mildly, information may turn into one of the most effective assets to gain a competitive advantage.  

This need to address high demand and expectations is being met with a sub-optimal infrastructure for data protection, which can put your digital business transformation at risk, or at the very least, limit its potential. With an average of 4+ backup solutions per organization in today’s environment, is backup and recovery holding back your digital ambitions?

In this on-demand webcast, industry experts from Veritas share their views and real life customer experiences on how they are adapting to changes by taking advantage of the latest innovations in Integrated Backup Appliances. Explore how to address today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow’s demands with a forward thinking approach.

  • Is Backup and Recovery holding back your digital ambitions?
  • How can you overcome increasing complexity, scale, and service challenges?
  • Can Integrated Appliances help you better manage your information?
  • How can you take your Backup strategy a step further from reactive to pro-active data management?

To watch the replay, or listen to the recording please click on the links below.