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Vmware Backup with backup exec

Level 6

Vmware Backup Requirement:


Backup Exec - AVVI agent licence

ESX - Vstorage API licence


>> Through ESXi directly Requires a root account or an account equal to access the Vm and take snapshot.

>> Through Vcenter as described in the Article Here

Other requirements: (GRT And NON GRT)

>> Fault Tolerance based machine does not allow snapshot, hence avoid backing Up FT based VM's or Turn off FT on the machines

>> Either Vmware snapshot Provider or BE vss provider is a Must for Application level GRT.(recommended BE VSS)

Incremental and differential Job requirement:

>> hardware version: 7 for the virtual machines

>> Policy based full and Incremental/differential Job

>> change block tracking should be enabled (by default it is enabled , otherwise backup exec uses vstorage to enable the ctk option for the VM without rebboting)

>> some case requires manual interuption and enable the CBT . Follw the article to do so if backup runs full for incremental job. click here


Protection level:

Guest Level protection (Online , Offline and Template VM's)

Along with Application aware backup for Active directory, MS SQL, Microsoft Exchange.

Requirement for Each Application Remains the Same for Each Agent as listed Below

Active Directory recovery Agent

SQl agent

Exchange Agent