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Take the Challenge: Backup Exec 2010 Brainiac Quiz and find out how much you really know about Backup Exec 2010. This is the game where knowledge is power. There are three rounds of questions, answer as many questions correctly and if you score over 100 points, you could be walking away with a LCD TV!

* The LCD TV is only for the winner residing in the NAM region. For any winner outside of the NAM region, equivalent Connect points will be given away.

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Is it applicable to TA's residing in India.

I doubt it...last I saw they were looking at rolling out something similar to EMEA...

@Amol, Yes.

@ Craig, the contest rules have not been changed, but the product team is willing to offer Connect points that are equivalent to the LCD TV, for the winner residing outside of the NAM region. So, try your luck!

...are you a TA now...?

we currently in June 2011 smiley


will be randomly selected on January 3, 2012

Yes, 2012 is only a few months away. FYI, the contest ends 12/13/11 and the winners will be announced on Jan 3, 2012.

195 is my highest score, whats yours ?

...modest much? wink

I doubt this contest is still ON, Swathi could you please confirm.

one month remaining Smiley Happy's ON!

Any update on the results smiley

Yes , who WIN?

And the Winner is ...drum roll please.......



Thanks smiley

Congrats Amolzerocool!!