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We are looking for Oracle Application Developers

Employee CPEP

Symantec is developing a new exciting self-service product which will allow you to get access to the data you need faster.  We are looking for Oracle Application Developers to participate in online meetingsphone interviews, and in person collaborations.

If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to help shape this product , please email your contact information

We’re offering a $50 gift-card for your participation.


Qualifier: Working in medium-large environments

Oracle Database Administrators
Create Oracle DBs for non-prod & prod environments
Make DB backups
Perform recovery
Manage DB storage structures
Monitoring DB health & tune performance

Sample Questions
How much data do you work with?
How many DB instances does your org support?
How often do you refresh non-prod DBs?

VMware Administrators
Provide testing sandbox for fully virtualized multi-tier applications
Maintain VM infrastructure, server builds, disaster recovery and firmware upgrades
Deploy virtual and physical machines
Maintain a library of VM templates

Oracle or VM Application Developers and QA Engineers
Develops or tests using copies of production data (not mock data)
Production business applications are virtualized on VMware