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When bit-ness matters?

We seem to have coined a new phrase, well okay, it’s new to me at least!  Bit-ness.  For example “What bit-ness is Outlook?”.  What this means is which architecture of Outlook are you running?  32 bit or 64 bit?  I guess saying bit-ness is easier than architecture, and it’s definitely easier to spell !

So why is it important?

Well the Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 Outlook Add-in can work with Outlook 2010 32 bit and Outlook 2010 64 bit.  It’s the first Add-in that works with Outlook in this way.  There is one problem that was uncovered during the development of the add-in and that relates to Windows Search/WDS.

Windows Search/WDS can be used to index Vault Cache data.  However, the bit-ness of Windows and Outlook has to match, otherwise Windows Search/WDS can’t index the .DB files.

So if you have 32 bit Windows, and 32 bit Office, you’re good to go.. that hasn’t changed.  If you have 64 bit Windows, and 64 bit Office, you’re also good to go.  However, if you have 64 bit Windows, and 32 bit Office, then regardless of your WDS integration policy in the users Desktop Policy, WDS integration will not be attempted by the Outlook Add-in.  It just doesn’t work.

Also this bit in the release notes for EV 9, is wrong (and will hopefully be removed soonish!)  It is a legacy entry from when the only thing 64 bit in the entire world (!) was Windows XP.

Vault Caches are not indexed in 64-bit Windows [Ref E1316344]
WDS and WS do not index the contents of Vault Caches on computers that are running the 64-bit versions of Windows.