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When the rubber meets the road with Integrated Appliances

We’ve been researching and documenting for a few months the use cases and overall improvements that customers would realize when deploying integrated appliances. With the results from our consolidated analysis, we created a webcast that received great reviews a few months ago. That event was a good first step but did not allow us to have face-to-face interaction with end users so that they could weigh in with real use examples. Recently we had an opportunity to do just that at a big customer event where we presented this content in front of a broad audience. Nothing more rewarding than hearing first hand from customers about their experiences. As we went through the use cases, these were some of the unsolicited validation points we heard from the audience:

At a pharmaceutical company in Europe:

“Disaster recovery capabilities were a must as we needed to replicate data to a second location. We also did not want to have local management requirements nor tape handling onsite. We opted for a Veritas NetBackupTM Environment based on 26 appliances of various sizes in 19 locations. We found that running master/media servers with A.I.R. on all sites for DR copy was the best solution for the job.”

At an integrated logistics company in APAC:

“By deploying appliances and smart NetBackup technologies to replace our media servers with advanced disk, we are planning to improve time to backup and recovery by as much as 500% in case of our VMware platform.”

At an Infrastructure Management Services company in North America:

" Previously, DR took 2 weeks to perform - one week of restoring and one week of testing. By using Integrated appliances in the DR facility and utilizing AIR we were able to reduce the week of restored to one day, and that day was no longer performed before the DR test was actually scheduled.

Also, we had 2000+ VMs that needed to be protected. Utilizing VADP backups and VIP policies, those backups became easy to setup and manage, as well as simple to protect new VMs."

At a leading hybrid IT services company in the US:

"Our customer had been deploying physical servers for DR purposes and then only used them for regular DR tests. Using a NetBackup Appliance as a remote DR Master, we utilized AIR and BMR P2V to convert their production servers to VMs at a significant cost savings to them. We (the backup team) are also able to restore the servers into the DR site with a much higher success rate than before."

By the time we completed the session we had five or six great examples of current environments that had benefitted from the use of integrated appliances by reducing cost and risk mitigation in the areas of disaster recovery and virtualized environments. As it is often the case, we did run out of time and were not able to explore all use cases for integrated appliances, but what a great start! We could not have asked for more concrete examples validating Veritas’ approach and offerings. Can’t wait for the next chance we get to meet with more customers! In the meantime we’ve been left with plenty of notes and material for blogs and future customer success stories we can’t wait to write about and share with you!

 If you have deployed NetBackup integrated appliances, do you have any improvements to your environment that you would like to share?


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